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'This is an important, difficult and brave book'

Loud and proud is an ethnographic study of grassroots activists in the English Defence League (EDL) aiming to explore and explain the gap between the public image of the movement as a violent Islamophobic and racist organisation and individual activists' understanding of it as 'one big family'.


Loud and proud

How autism became autism

Drawing from a staggering array of primary sources, it traces autism back to its origins in the early twentieth century and explains why the idea of autism has always been controversial and why it experienced a 'metamorphosis' in the 1960s and 1970s.


The metamorphasis of autism

Who's for bioethics?

The making of British bioethics provides the first in-depth study of how philosophers, lawyers and other 'outsiders' came to play a major role in discussing and helping to regulate issues that used to be left to doctors and scientists.


British bioethics