The Journal of Humanitarian Affairs, Volume 3.3

Volume 3.3 introduces the idea that human politics has often been at odds with medical science during outbreaks of infectious disease. With research on the ‘Politics of the Second Vaccine’; field reports on care homes in Spain; Ebola in the Congo, and a roundtable on ‘Controlling an HIV Hotspot’, this issue suggests the notion that COVID-19 knows no politics or borders is an oversimplification as risk and morality remain unevenly distributed throughout the world.



The latest Issue of Human Remains and Violence is the first of two investigating COVID-19

Human Remains and Violence focuses on outbreaks of mass violence and their aftermath – but during the early stages of the first lockdown, the series editors noticed approaches to the treatment of human remains were increasingly, and shockingly, more relevant than ever.


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African cities and collaborative futures

African cities and collaborative futures: Urban platforms and metropolitan logistics brings together scholars from across the globe to discuss the nature of African cities – the interactions of residents with infrastructure, energy, housing, safety and sustainability, seen through local narratives and theories. This groundbreaking collection, drawing on a variety of fields and extensive first-hand research, offers a fresh perspective on some of the most pressing issues confronting urban Africa in the twenty-first century.