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Embodiment and everyday cyborgs


Series editors

Des Fitzgerald and Amy Hinterberger

Editorial advisory board

Vivette García Deister, National Autonomous University of Mexico

John Gardner, Monash University, Australia

Maja Horst, Technical University of Denmark

Robert Kirk, Manchester, UK

Stéphanie Loyd, Laval University, Canada

Alice Mah, Warwick University, UK

Deboleena Roy, Emory University, USA

Hallam Stevens, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Niki Vermeulen, Edinburgh, UK

Megan Warin, Adelaide University, Australia

Malte Ziewitz, Cornell University, USA

Since the very earliest studies of scientific communities, we have known that texts and worlds are bound together. One of the most important ways to stabilise, organise and grow a laboratory, a group of scholars, even an entire intellectual community, is to write things down. As for science, so for the social studies of science: Inscriptions is a space for writing, recording and inscribing the most exciting current work in sociological and anthropological – and any related – studies of science.

The series foregrounds theoretically innovative and empirically rich interdisciplinary work that is emerging in the UK and internationally. It is self-consciously hospitable in terms of its approach to discipline (all areas of social sciences are considered), topic (we are interested in all scientific objects, including biomedical objects) and scale (books will include both fine-grained case studies and broad accounts of scientific cultures).

For readers, the series signals a new generation of scholarship captured in monograph form – tracking and analysing how science moves through our societies, cultures and lives. Employing innovative methodologies for investigating changing worlds is home to compelling new accounts of how science, technology, biomedicine and the environment translate and transform our social lives.

Previously published titles

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Embodiment and everyday cyborgs

Technologies that alter subjectivity

Gill Haddow


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Embodiment and everyday cyborgs

Technologies that alter subjectivity


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