A working bibliography of Irish gothic fiction, c. 1760–1829
in The gothic novel in Ireland, c. 1760–1829

Appendix: A working bibliography of Irish gothic fiction, c. 1760–1829

As suggested by the term ‘working’, this bibliography is not intended to be exhaustive or definitive, but rather indicative. It represents revisions to various existing bibliographies, including those offered by Loeber and Stouthamer-Loeber, Potter, and Summers.1 Texts that have appeared in these previous works are noted below, as indicated in the following key. Doing so helps to situate these works within existing gothic criticism. Texts that have not appeared in these earlier works are those identified as representative of the cross-generic, cross-formal, cross-cultural gothic literary production in Ireland analysed in previous chapters.


Lappeared in Loeber and Stouhamer-Loeber, ‘The publication of Irish novels and novelettes’
Pappeared in Potter, The history of gothic publishing
Sappeared in Summers, A gothic bibliography

Underlined text in the title of a work indicates the primary generic identifiers used in Figure 1.

Bold type in the title of a work indicates the marketing cues on which Figure 3 is based.

Novels included in the sampling on which Figure 4 is based are indicated by an asterisk (*) following the title. For these titles, geographical settings are included.

Works personally consulted in the preparation of this monograph are indicated by an obelisk (†) following the title.

DateAuthor Novel titleSettingsNotes
1762Thomas Leland Longsword, Earl of Salisbury ; an historical romance *†England, France L, S
1764Elizabeth Griffith Amana ; a dramatic poem *†EgyptS
1769Elizabeth Griffith The delicate distress, a novel . In letters*†England, France, Italy
1771Elizabeth Griffith The history of Lady Barton, a novel. In letters*†Ireland, England, FranceS
1776Elizabeth Griffith The story of Lady Juliana Harley, a novel, in letters*†England, Ireland, ‘the Continent’S
1780Elizabeth Griffith‘Conjugal fidelity; or, female fortitude’*† (in Novellettes , selected for the use of young ladies and gentlemen)Ireland
1780Elizabeth Griffith‘Story of Lady Fanny Beaumont and Lord Layton’*† (in Novelle t tes , selected for the use of young ladies and gentlemen)England
1786Anne Fuller The convent ; or, the history of Sophia Nelson*†England, FranceS
1787Anne Fuller Alan Fitz-Osborne ; an historical tale *England, Scotland, ‘the Holy Land’L, S
1789Anne Fuller The son of Ethelwolf ; an historical tale *†England, Denmark, IcelandS
1789Regina Maria Roche The vicar of Lansdowne; or, country quarters. A tale *†England, ScotlandS
1789James White Earl Strongbow : or, the history of Richard de Clare and the beautiful Geralda*†Wales, IrelandL, S
1789James White Conway Castle ; a poem *†WalesS
1790Mrs Sarah Green Charles Henley ; or, the fugitive restored S
1790James White The adventures of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster*EnglandS
1791James White The Adventures of King Richard Coeur-de-Lion ; to which is added, The death of Lord Falkland: a poem*†Continental Europe (various), Asia, Siberia, EnglandS
1793Anna Milliken Corfe Castle ; or, historic tracts. A novel *†England, Sweden, Hungary, Scotland
1793Regina Maria Roche The maid of the hamlet ; a tale *†England, IrelandL, S
1794Stephen Cullen The haunted priory : or, the fortunes of the house of Rayo. A romance , founded partly on historical facts*Spain, PortugalL, S
1795Anna Milliken Eva ; an old Irish story *†2 Ireland
1796Stephen Cullen The castle of Inchvally; a tale – alas! too true*Ireland, England, PortugalS
1796Regina Maria Roche The children of the abbey ; a tale* England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, North AmericaS
1797Mrs F.C. Patrick The Irish heiress ; a novel *†Ireland, FranceS
1797Catharine Selden The count de Santerre ; a romance *†FranceS
1797Catharine Selden The English nun ; a novel *†England, PortugalS
1798Mrs F.C. Patrick More ghosts !*England, FranceL, S
1798Regina Maria Roche Clermont ; a tale *FranceS
1799Mrs Sarah Green Court intrigue; or, the victim of constancy. An historical romance *†England, FranceS
1799Mrs F.C. Patrick The Jesuit ; or, the history of Anthony Babington, Esq., an historical novel *EnglandS
1800Maria Edgeworth Castle Rackrent; an Hibernian tale . Taken from facts, and from the manner of the Irish squires, before the year 1782*Ireland
1800Regina Maria Roche Nocturnal visit; a tale *EnglandP, S
1800Catharine Selden Serena; a novel *†PortugalS
1801Anon. The monastery of Gondolfo; a romance Italy3 L, P
1801Mrs Saran Green The private history of the court of England EnglandS
1802Anna Milliken Plantagenet ; or, secrets of the house of Anjou. A tale of the twelfth century France4 L, P, S
1803Catherine Cuthbertson Romance of the Pyrenees *†Italy, France, SpainP, S
1803Sydney Owenson St Clair; or, the heiress of Desmond* IrelandS
1804Anna Milliken The rival chiefs ; or, battle of Mere. A tale of ancient times IrelandP, S
1804Henrietta Rouvière Mosse Lussington Abbey ; a novel *†WalesP, S
1805Revd. Luke Aylmer Conolly The friar 's tale; or, memoirs of the Chevalier Orsino, with other narrativesItaly, Austria, Poland, Germany, England5 L, S
1805Catharine Selden Villa Nova; or, the ruined castle . A romance Southern Europe6 L, P, S
1806Catherine Cuthbertson Santo Sebastiano ; or, the young protector. A nove l*†England, Italy, FranceP, S
1806Marianne Kenley The cottage of the Appenines , or, the Castle of Novina; a romance *ItalyL
1806Henrietta Rouvière Mosse The heirs of Villeroy; a romance *England, ItalyS
1806Sydney Owenson The novice of Saint Dominick*FranceL, P, S
1806Sydney Owenson The wild Irish girl; a national tale *IrelandP, S
1807Charles Robert Maturin The fatal revenge; or, the family of Montorio . A romance *ItalyL, P,S
1807Henrietta Rouvière Mosse A peep at our ancestors; an historical romance *†EnglandS
1807Regina Maria Roche The discarded son ; or, haunt of the banditti. A tale *Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain, ItalyP, S
1808Mrs Sarah Green Tankerville family S
1808Charles Robert Maturin The wild Irish boy*Ireland, EnglandP, S
1808Henrietta Rouvière Mosse The old Irish baronet ; or, manners of my country*Ireland, SpainS
1808Elizabeth Plunkett The exile of Erin; a novel *Ireland, England, Wales, North AmericaS
1809Maria Edgeworth Ennui; or memoirs of the Earl of Glenthorn*† (in Tales of fashionable life)Ireland, England
1809Mrs Sarah Green Tales of the manor *†England, Italy, FranceS
1809Sydney Owenson Woman; or, Ida of Athens*†Greece, EnglandS
1810Anon. The soldier of Pennaflor: or, a season in Ireland*England, Wales, Ireland
1810Catherine Cuthbertson The forest of Montalbano ; a novel P, S
1810Mrs Sarah Green The festival of St Jago ; a Spanish romance *SpainP, S
1810Mrs Sarah Green The reformist!!! A serio-comic-political novel 7 England8 S
1810Mrs Sarah Green Romance readers and romance writers; a satirical novel *†EnglandS
1810Mrs Sarah Green The royal exile ; or, victims of human passions. An historical romance of the sixteenth century*France, EnglandS
1810John Hamilton Roche A Suffolk tale ; or, the perfidious guardian 9 Ireland, England, Canada10 P, S
1810Regina Maria Roche The houses of Osma and Almeria; or, the convent of St Ildefonso , a tale *SpainP, S
1811Mrs Sarah Green Good men of modern date; a satirical tale England11 S
1811Sydney Owenson The missionary ; an Indian tale *†IndiaS
1811Charles Phillips The loves of Celestine and St Aubert ; a romantic tale S
1812Maria Edgeworth The absentee (in Tales of fashionable life)*Ireland, England
1812Charles Robert Maturin The Milesian chief ; a romance *Ireland, England, ItalyP, S
1812Henrietta Rouvière Mosse Arrivals from India; or, time's a great master. A novel S
1813Eaton Stannard Barrett The heroine ; or, adventures of a fair romance reader*England
1813Catherine Cuthbertson Adelaide; or, the countercharm S
1813Mrs Sarah Green Deception; a fashionable novel … founded on facts England12 P
1813Regina Maria Roche The monastery of St Columb ; or, the atonement. A novel *Ireland, England, Spain, P, S
1814Mrs Sarah Green The Carthusian friar ; or, the mysteries of Montanville; a posthumous romance P
1814Mrs Sarah Green The fugitive ; or, family incidents S
1814Sydney Owenson O’Donnel; a national tale *Ireland, England S
1814Regina Maria Roche Trecothick bower ; or, the lady of the west country. A tale *England, FranceS
1814Robert Torrens The victim of intolerance; or, the hermit of Killarney. A Catholic tale Ireland13 S
1816Lady Caroline Lamb Glenarvon; a tale Ireland14 P, S
1816Alicia Le Fanu Strathallan* EnglandS
1817Nugent Bell Alexena ; or, the castle of Santa Marco, a romance Spain15 P
1817Catherine Cuthbertson Rosabella; or, a mother's marriage S
1817Henrietta Rouvière Mosse A bride and no wife; a novel Scotland16 S
1817Catharine Selden Villasantelle ; or, the curious impertinent. A romance Spain17 P, S
1818Alicia Le Fanu Helen Monteagle S
1818Charles Robert Maturin Women; or, pour et contre. A tale *Ireland, FranceS
1818Sydney Owenson Florence Macarthy; an Irish tale *IrelandS
1819Alicia Le Fanu Leolin Abbey ; a novel S
1820Charles Robert Maturin Melmoth the wanderer ; a tale *Spain, Ireland, England, IndiaL, P, S
1820Regina Maria Roche The Munster cottage boy; a tale *Ireland, EnglandS
1822Mrs Sarah Green Who is the bridegroom? or, nuptial discoveries. A novel S
1823Catherine Cuthbertson The hut and the castle ; a romance S
1823Mrs Sarah Green Gretna Green marriages; or, the nieces. A novel S
1823Lady Caroline Lamb Ada Reis ; a tale P, S
1823Alicia Le Fanu Don Juan de las Sierras; or, el empecinado. A romance S
1823Alicia Le Fanu The outlaw (in Tales of a tourist)†Ireland18 S
1823Regina Maria Roche The bridal of Dunamore ; and Lost and won. Two tales *Ireland, EnglandS
1824John Banim Revelations of the dead-alive* England
1824Mrs Sarah Green Scotch novel reading; or, moderny quakery. A novel really founded on facts
1824Charles Robert Maturin The Albigenses ; a romance *FranceS
1824Regina Maria Roche The tradition of the castle ; or, scenes in the Emerald Isle*Ireland, EnglandS
1825John and Michael Banim‘The fetches’ (in Tales by the O’Hara family)*†Ireland
1825Mrs Sarah Green Parents and wives; or, inconsistency and mistakes. A novel S
1825Charles Robert MaturinLeixlip Castle: an Irish family legend’*†IrelandP, S
1825Henrietta Rouvière Mosse A father’s love and a woman’s friendship; or, the widow and her daughters. A novel S
1825Regina Maria Roche The castle chapel ; a romantic tale *Ireland, England, WalesS
1826Alicia Le Fanu Henry the fourth of France ; a romance S
1826Henrietta Rouvière Mosse Gratitude, and other tales S
1827Henrietta Rouvière Mosse Woman’s wit and man’s wisdom; or, intrigue. A novel S
1827Sydney Owenson The O’Briens and the O’Flahertys; a national tale *IrelandS
1828Revd. George Croly Salathiel ; a story of the past, the present, and the future L, P
1828Regina Maria Roche Contrast*Ireland, Italy, Wales, EnglandS
1829Henrietta Rouvière Mosse The Blandfords; or, fate and fortune S


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