The continuing relevance of the Milibandian perspective
in Interpreting the Labour Party

The Milibandian perspective on the Labour Party emphasised the importance of three things. It emphasised the centrality of parliamentarianism to the theory and practice of Labour Party politics, and its deleterious consequences for the party's capacity to act as a successfully reformist agency when in office. It stressed the functionality of the Labour Party's periodically radical rhetoric to the long-term stability of the British class structure. It also emphasised the inability of socialists within the Labour Party to radicalise the rhetoric and policy commitments of the party in opposition, and the deleterious consequences of that inability for the creation of a genuinely potent socialist party in Britain. In a study initially designed as an update of the Labour Party and the Struggle for Socialism, David Coates developed what was an early attempt at Milibandian political economy to explain Labour's dismal performance in office.

Interpreting the Labour Party

Approaches to Labour politics and history


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