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Engine of modernity

Manchester University Press

Series editors: Anna Barton, Andrew Smith

Editorial board: David Amigoni, Isobel Armstrong, Philip Holden, Jerome McGann, Joanne Wilkes, Julia M. Wright

Interventions: Rethinking the Nineteenth Century seeks to make a significant intervention into the critical narratives that dominate conventional and established understandings of nineteenth-century literature. Informed by the latest developments in criticism and theory the series provides a focus for how texts from the long nineteenth century, and more recent adaptations of them, revitalise our knowledge of and engagement with the period. It explores the radical possibilities offered by new methods, unexplored contexts and neglected authors and texts to re-map the literary-cultural landscape of the period and rigorously re-imagine its geographical and historical parameters. The series includes monographs, edited collections, and scholarly sourcebooks.

Already published

Spain in the nineteenth century: New essays on experiences of culture and society Andrew Ginger and Geraldine Lawless

Creating character: Theories of nature and nurture in Victorian sensation fiction Helena Ifill

Margaret Harkness: Writing social engagement 1880–1921 Flore Janssen and Lisa C. Robertson (eds)

Richard Marsh, popular fiction and literary culture, 1890–1915: Re-reading the fin de siècle Victoria Margree, Daniel Orrells and Minna Vuohelainen (eds)

Charlotte Brontë: Legacies and afterlives Amber K. Regis and Deborah Wynne (eds)

The Great Exhibition, 1851: A sourcebook Jonathon Shears (ed.)

Interventions: Rethinking the nineteenth century Andrew Smith and Anna Barton (eds)

Counterfactual Romanticism Damian Walford Davies (ed.)

Engine of modernity

The omnibus and urban culture in nineteenth-century Paris

Masha Belenky

Manchester University Press

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First published 2019

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Cover image: Camille Pissarro. Boulevard des Italiens, morning sunlight. 1897. Oil on canvas. Chester Dale Collection, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Engine of modernity

The omnibus and urban culture in nineteenth-century Paris


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