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1.1 Painting of Isala van Diest by Pierre-Joseph Steger, ca. 1855 (courtesy of M – Museum Leuven) 37
1.2 Images of gynaecological objects in the handbook of Rufin Schockaert, Précis du cours de gynécologie (Leuven: Feyaerts, 1913), p. 51 (courtesy of KU Leuven Bibliotheken Bijzondere Collecties) 46
1.3 Poster in favour of the legalisation of abortion, 1979 (courtesy of AVG-Carhif: Archive and Research Centre for Women’s History) 52
2.1 A woman religious operating sterilisation equipment in the Leuven academic hospitals, n.d. (mid twentieth century) (courtesy of Heritage Centre | Sisters of Charity J. M.) 70
2.2 Postcard of Belgian pilgrims holding mass in a train (collection of Tine Van Osselaer) 76
2.3 Louise in ecstasy (photograph by Lorleberg, October 1877) (courtesy of Archives Seminary of Tournai) 79
3.1 Health worker Ruyters visits patient, Beni, 1937 (Province of Costermansville) (AP.0.1.3768, collection RMCA Tervuren) 110
3.2 Leopoldville. Milk depot and baby clinic, n.d. (AP.0.1.3617, collection RMCA Tervuren) 115
3.3 Lomami Recruitment Mission (MOI) for the UMHK, 1930. The doctor carefully examines each native at the preparation camp and thus establishes his robustness index (index of Pignet) (HP.1959.61.264, collection RMCA Tervuren. Photo © UMHK, RMCA Tervuren) 119
4.1 Portrait of Adolphe Burggraeve (courtesy of Ghent University) 140
4.2 Portrait of René Sand. From an obituary notice connected with the International Congress of Social Work, 1953 (Wellcome Collection, CC BY 4.0) 151
5.1 Anatomy lesson at St-Pierre Hospital, 1892 (courtesy of the Université Libre de Bruxelles) 181
5.2 The Anatomical Institute of Brussels University, 1895 (courtesy of the Université Libre de Bruxelles) 190
5.3 Pin of G[odelieve] Perneel, one of the nurses who graduated from the Catholic St Elizabeth School in Bruges, 1924 (photo: Pieter Dhondt) 191
6.1 Poor doctor’s certificate, issued for the director of St-Pierre Hospital in Brussels, indispensable for admission, 1837 (ACPASB, Conseil des Hospices, C 339. Courtesy of CPAS Brussels) 209
6.2 Two possibilities in the 1930s: either the common sick ward, free (as in this picture), or the single room with private bathroom, for paying patients. Ward 14, St-Jean Hospital in Brussels, around 1935 (ACPASB, FI, DONS/1986/6 (Dr Goffart). Courtesy of CPAS Brussels) 222
6.3 Edmond Leburton (1915–97), the minister who gave his name to a law on financing of the sickness insurance in 1963. Screencap from video ‘Conseil des Ministres sur la grève des mineurs du Limbourg’, 1970 (Sonuma: Les archives audiovisuelles) 226
6.4 Construction of a new building for the INAMI inaugurated in 1974, when the economic crisis of the 1970s started (courtesy of Collection Belgian State Archives/CegeSoma) 228
7.1 Photograph of a sick ward of the psychiatric facilities of the St-Jean Hospital in Brussels (1930) (courtesy of the Archives du Centre Public d’Action Sociale de Bruxelles, fonds iconographique, H/H.ST-J./67b) 244
7.2 Vue d’une salle de malade (patient ward of the St-Jean Hospital in Brussels), painting on paper (1863) (courtesy of the Archives du Centre Public d’Action Sociale de Bruxelles, fonds iconographique, H/H.ST-J./8) 252
7.3 Postcard of a sick ward of a hospital in Oudenaarde (1915) (courtesy of City Archives Oudenaarde) 261
7.4 Drawing of the children’s hospital (academic hospital of Ghent) (© Ghent University Archives) 265
8.1 Geel – Drève de l’Infirmierie. Postcard (ACPASB – collection Dierckx) 295
8.2 ‘Invalide’ – drawing by Samuel De Vriendt, dated 1923, Woluwé (collection of Pieter Verstraete) 299
8.3 Excerpt from the 1971 television programme ‘Faits divers’ about the Lovenjoel Psychiatric Hospital (© Archives RTBF-Sonuma) 305
9.1 Newspaper advertisement for a ‘breast-enhancing’ product, Le Peuple, 19 May 1914, p. 6 (Royal Library of Belgium, public domain) 320
9.2 Félicien Rops, La Leçon d’hygiène. Série des Cent légers croquis, 1878–81 (© Musée Félicien Rops) 325
9.3 Film stills of the public health film on Tuberculosis Un ennemi public (1937), 35 mm, b/w, sound, ca. 15 min 335
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Medical histories of Belgium

New narratives on health, care and citizenship in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries


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