in Incest in Sweden, 1680–1940


Unprinted sources

Regional State Archives in Göteborg (GLA)

Hundred-court archives 1

Kind hundred, Ala:69, 1786, 24 October, no. 170; 26 October, no. 210; 6 December, no. 1. Giöthar Dahl (59), Annika Svensdotter (29)

Kind hundred, Ala:70, 1787, 23 January, no. 21; 25 January, no. 54; 1 February, no. 143; 2 February, no. 144. Giöthar Dahl (60), Annika Svensdotter (30)

Kinne hundred, AIa:38, 1795, 27 October, no. 85. Olof Mattsson (55), Brita Svensdotter (24)

Kinnefjärding hundred, AIa:28, 1791, 18 October, no. 1. Jan Skjön (25), Stina Olofsdotter (26)

Kullinge hundred, Ala:31, 1777, 2 October, no. 108. Anders Bengtsson (40), Kirstina Larsdotter (22)

Kullinge hundred, Ala:32, 1778, 24 January, no. 49; 27 January, no. 62. Anders Bengtsson (41), Kirstina Larsdotter (23)

Kullinge hundred, Ala:40, 1786, 4 May, no. 30. Anders Bengtsson (49), Kirstina Larsdotter (31)

Kåkind hundred, AIa:17, 1702, 23 June. Jon Larsson, Karin Jönsdotter

Kåkind hundred, AIa:20, 1710, 23 June. Johan Håkansson (25), Estrid Månsdotter (39)

Nordals hundred, AIa:7, 1714, 13 February. Jon Nilsson (40), Märta Jönsdotter (25–26)

Vilske hundred, AIa:5, 1693, 18 October. Lars i Spånbacka (20), Britta Andersdotter (26)

Vättle hundred, AIa:3, 1702. Ingeborg Andersdotter and Anders Torstensson

Archives of the Skara Cathedral Chapter (SD)

Records (series AI), 1710–34, 1776–1806, all (86+39 cases)

Regional State Archives in Härnösand (HLA)

Hundred-court archives

Råneå hundred, AIa:130, 1915, 5 October, no. 39; 6 December, no. 69. Oskar Nordström (32), Johanna Blomqvist (21)

Regional State Archives in Lund (LLA)

Archives of the Skåne and Blekinge Court of Appeal (HSoB)

Fiscal decisions and letters (series BIIb), 1840–58, all (18 cases)

Decisions and resolutions (series BIIc)

BIIc:236, 1915:2, no. 301. Carl Johansson (41), Ester Johansson (20), Ebba Johansson (17)

Hundred-court archives

Albo hundred, AIa:10, 1713, 22 May. Jäppa Andersson, Karin Pärsdotter

Gärds hundred, AIa:67, 1784, 28–29 April, no. 1; 12 June, no. 61; 15 June, no. 73; 18 June, no. 74. Mattias Larsson, Karna Olasdotter

Gjärd hundred, AIa:71, 1788, 28 February, no. 32; 2 March, no. 78; 7 March, no. 91. Nils Trulsson (32), Ingar Gisselsdotter (26)

Medelsta hundred, AIa:77, 1784, 6 December, no. 9; 8 December, no. 1; 15 December, no. 14. Mårten Pettersson (23), Ingjär Persdotter (17)

Medelsta hundred, AIa:85, 1792, 31 May, no. 58; 31 May, no. 5; 14 November, no. 131. Olof Ahlberg, Catharina Ahlberg

Medelsta hundred, AIa:133, 1840, 13 February, no. 429; 29 February, no. 445; 11 May, no. 249; 5 June, no. 462. Jöns Persson, Kierstin Mattisdotter

Medelsta hundred, AIa:142, 1849, 30 May, no. 376; 20 June, no. 462. Börje Hjelte (47), Maria Börjesdr (22)

Listers hundred, AIb:1, 1703, 15 April. Ingemar Olsson, Elna Mattsdotter

Listers hundred, AIb:1, 1704, 7 January. Per Svensson, Inga Persdotter

Tönnersjö hundred, AIa:100, 1848, 26 September, no. 17; 20 October, no. 122. Per Eriksson (42), Emilia Jönsdotter (24)

Västra Göinge hundred, AIb:32, 1915, 8 October, no. 16. Karl Johansson, 41, Ester Johansson (20), Ebba Johansson (17)

Östra Göinge hundred, AIa:32, 1711, 2 August. Torsten Nilsson, Tova Jönsdotter

Regional State Archives in Uppsala (ULA)

Archives of the Strängnäs Cathedral Chapter (StD)

Records and agendas (serie AI):

AI:8, 1676, 28 June

AI:9, 1679, 3 December, no. IV, p. 62

AI:9, 1677, 14 February, no. III, p. 12

AI:10, 17 October, no. 1, p. 37

AI:10, 1681, 3 August, no. 2, p. 17

AI:10, 1684, 3 December, no. 4, p. 337

AI:11, 1685, 3 August, no. 2, p. 17

AI:11, 1685, 2 February, no. 8, pp. 61f

AI:11, 1686, 28 April, p. 86

AI:11, 1686, 5 May, no. 12, p. 89

AI:11, 1686, 14 July, no. 6, p. 104

AI:11, 1686, 4 August, p. 112

AI:11, 30 September, no. 3, p. 128

AI:11, 1686, 5 October, no. 5, pp. 129f

Regional State Archives in Vadstena (VLA)

Archives of the Göta Court of Appeal (GHA)

Archives of the legal clerk

 Transcripts (series EVII AABA)

  EVII AABA:2621, 1785, no. 5, 118, 145. Lars Sundborg, Stina Sundborg

Main archives

 Criminal-case records (series All), 1700–16, all (76 cases)

 Criminal-case decisions (series BllA), 1694–1716, 1783–1800, 1810, 1840–1858, all (131+46+5+32 cases)

Documents pertaining to referred criminal cases (series EVAC)

 EVAC:52, 1785, no. 25. Per Olofsson, Margaretha Hansdotter

 EVAC:86, 1791, no. 26. Knut Ringsten (58), Märta Nilsdotter (30)

 EVAC:937, 1840, no. 27. Johannes Holm (44), Maja Lisa Petersdotter (37)

 EVAC:940, 1840, no. 100. Andreas Nilsson (48), Maria Andersdotter (22)

 EVAC:948, 1840, no. 29. Carl Andersson, Anna Jönsdotter

 EVAC:952, 1840, no. 23. Edela Nilsdotter (27)

 EVAC:971, 1841, no. 47. Jakob Larsson (44), Greta Andersdotter (29)

 EVAC:973, 1841, no. 105. Carl Jonasson (27), Anna Maria Carlsdotter

 EVAC:1003, 1843, no. 14. Börje Bengtsson (58), Inger Börjesdotter (19)

 EVAC:1013, 1843, no. 111. Sven Wall, Anna Nilsdotter

 EVAC:1021, 1844, no. 112. Peter Haraldsson Boman (52), Anna Nilsdotter (21)

 EVAC:1041, 1845, no. 103. Petter Dahl (63), Maria Samuelsdotter (27)

 EVAC:1046, 1845, no. 105. Per Hansson (49), Katarina Magnusdotter (32)

 EVAC:1060, 1846, no. 27. Jonas Andersson, Stina Andersdotter

 EVAC:1066, 1846, no. 31. Carl Johansson (33), Sofia Rehn (26)

 EVAC:1083, 1847, no. 105. Jonas Nilsson (49), Fredrika Zeinvoldt (27)

 EVAC:1235, 1855, no. 53. Nils Fagerström (27), Sofia Olsdotter (26)

Letters patent and royal ordinances regarding criminal cases (series EIAC)

 EIAC:3, 1698, 11 April. Gunnar Sannesson, Annika Carlsdotter

 EIAC:15, 1784, 10 August. Mattias Johansson, Brita Bengtsdotter

 EIAC:25, 1785, 22 April. Per Olofsson, Margaretha Hansdotter

 EIAC:15, 1787, 11 June. Giöthar Dahl (60), Annika Svensdotter (30)

 EIAC:15, 1787, 29 October. Bengt Larsson Säf (60), Inga Bengtsdotter (32)

 EIAC:15, 1788, 18 February. Bengt Larsson Säf (60), Inga Bengtsdotter (32)

 EIAC:17, 1796. 7 November. Olof Nilsson (49), Cajsa Larsdotter (28)

 EIAC:21, 1841, 20 April. Andreas Nilsson (48), Maria Andersdotter (22)

 EIAC:22, 1845, 24 August. Johannes Svensson Heberg (30), Anna Svensdotter (20)

 EIAC:22, 1845, 28 July. Johannes Nilsson (30), Maria Öberg (6)

 EIAC:22, 1845, 19 August. Anders Olofsson (52), Anna Johansdotter (34)

Hundred-court archives

Bankekind hundred, AIa:7, 1705, 8 April. Per Jönsson (18), Kirstin Månsdotter (26)

Bråbo hundred, Ala:4, 1701, 1 August. Lars Böllia, Kirstin Olufsdotter

Hammarkind hundred, A1a:11, 1704, 30 April. Holsten Bengtsson (64), Anna Eriksdotter (24)

Hammarkind hundred, AIa:81, 1786, 3 March, no. 156. Olof Nyström (42), Rebecka Nilsdotter (28)

Hammarkind hundred, A1a:82, 1787, 11 May, no. 83. Olof Nyström (43), Rebecka Nilsdotter (29)

Hammarkind hundred, A1a:83, 1788, 13 March, no. 187. Olof Nyström (44), Rebecka Nilsdotter (30)

Hammarkind hundred, A1a:83, 1788, 13 March, no. 188. Nils Klippa (50), Ingeborg Nilsdotter (14)

Hammarkind hundred, A1a:85, 1790, 13 March, no. 87. Olof Nyström (46), Rebecka Nilsdotter (32)

Hanekind hundred, A1a:34, 1785, 10 February, no. 2. Hans Åhlfeldt, Maja Johansdotter

Norra Vedbo hundred, AIa:15, 1708, October. Erik Johansson, Britta Persdotter

Stranda hundred, A1a:128, 1850, 10 May, no. 149; 10 May, no. 150. Anders Larsson Röding, Stina Jönsdotter

Stranda hundred, A1a:129, 1850, 13 September, no. 146; 13 September, no. 147. Anders Larsson Röding, Stina Jönsdotter

Stranda hundred, A1a:130, 1851, 25 January, no. 188; 25 January, no. 189. Anders Larsson Röding, Stina Jönsdotter

Stranda hundred, A1a:132, 1851, 24 September, no. 239. Anders Larsson Röding, Stina Jönsdotter

Sunnerbo hundred, A1a:101, 1790, 21 May, no. 19. Gumme Persson, Ingeborg Gunnarsdotter

Vista hundred, Ala:12, 1694, 18 May. Anders Linnardsson, Anna Ambjörnsdotter

Västbo hundred, A1a:8, 1704, no. 30. Johan Simonsson, Anna Erlandsdotter

Västbo hundred, AIa:65, 1791, 3 May, no. 71. Knut Ringsten (68), Märta Nilsdotter (30+)

Västbo hundred, A1a:202, 1849, 19 June, no. 173; 20 June, no. 197. Johan Dahl (55), Brita Eriksdotter

Åkerbo hundred, AIa:23, 1783, 23 April, no. 2; 4 June, no. 51. Olof Nyström (39), Rebecka Nilsdotter (25)

Ölands Norra hundred, A1a:80, 1786, 21 March. Petter Sjöberg, Anna Ekbom

Ölands Norra hundred, A1a:196, 1849, 20 June, no. 309; 12 July, no. 383; 2 August, no. 399; 23 August, no. 403. Jonas Andersson, Maja Nilsdotter

Ölands Norra hundred, A1a:213, 1855, 7 February no. 3; 28 February, no. 1. Carl Carlsson (22), Karin Nilsdotter (29)

Ölands Södra hundred, AIa:90, 1795, 17 July, 13 August, 27 August, 9 October, 31 November, 1 December, 23 December. Olof Nilsson (48), Cajsa Larsdotter (27)

Ölands Södra hundred, AIa:91, 1796, 26 March. Olof Nilsson (49), Cajsa Larsdotter (28)

Östkinds hundred, Ala:4, 1713, 16 February. Catharina Olufsdotter, Abraham Andersson

Other archives

Gryt parish, C:3, birth records, 1756–1800. Olof Nyström, Rebecka Nilsdotter

Hammarkind hundred, death records, FII:23. Olof Nyström, Rebecka Nilsdotter

Hammarkind hundred, death records, FII:24. Olof Nyström, Rebecka Nilsdotter

Swedish National Archives (RA), Stockholm

Archives of the Ministry of Justice (JD)

Cabinet-meeting records 1915–20. SVAR digital: search terms: ‘äktenskap* hinder’ (‘marriage* impediment’), all (64 cases with the available decision reports, records of the Council of the Realm, and drafts)

Archives of the Judiciary Inspection (JR): Diaries (D), Appellate and application cases (BoA), Records of the Council of the Realm/Council of the State (R), Drafts (K)

1697, 23 December, BoA; Petter Bilock, XX 2 , half-cousin

1720, 25 April, BoA; Carl Christiernum, Agneta von Hyltén, wife's cousin

1722, 27 June, BoA; Nils Creutman, Anna Maria von Chérman, wife's brother's widow

1727, 8 March, BoA; Göran Borg, Adriana Fineman, wife's half-cousin

1729, 11 March, BoA; Sven Johansson, Johanna Persdotter, cousin

1730, 20 March, BoA, K; Rasmus Olofsson, Karin Mårtensdotter, half-cousin

1730, 21 April, BoA, K; Jöns Andersson, Ingeborg Andersdotter, wife's brother's widow

1730, 3 June, BoA, K; Nils Arvidsson, Ingeborg Bengtsdotter, cousin

1730, 3 June, K; Jöns Svensson, Anna Östensdotter, two cousins

1730, 3 June, BoA, K; Anders Nilsson, Ingeborg Olsdotter, wife's niece

1730, 9 June, K; Christian Månsson, Boel Svensdotter, half-cousin

1730, 26 November, K; Per Persson, Elin Andersdotter, half-cousin

1750, 28 November, R; Anders Ersson, Kierstin Hansdotter, cousin

1750, 31 January, D; Larsson, Larsdotter, cousin

1770, 20 June, BoA, R; Anders Clarquist, Britta Belin, cousin

1770, 23 August, BoA, K; Johan Hammarström, Stina Ros, wife's half-niece

1774, 8 August, BoA, K; Friedrich Schuberts, Margareta Lidman, stepgrandfather's widow

1775, 4 May, R, K; Per Ersson, Lisa Maria Persdotter, wife's half-niece

1775, 28 July, D; Jon Jönsson, XX, cousin

1775, 13 September, R, K; P. Ekberg, XX, wife's grandniece

1775, 28 October, BoA; Carl Zachrisson, Lena Jakobsdotter, cousin

1775, 22 November, R; Wilhelm Larsson, Marja Johansdotter, cousin

1775, 22 November, R; Per Kettunen, Karin Pic …, cousin

1780, 14 January, BoA; Lars Liedman, Christina Maria Tysell, cousin

1780, 21 January, BoA, K; Bengt von Strokirsch (22), Eleonora von Strokirsch, cousin

1780, 21 January, BoA; E. Nordholm, Charlotta Nordenberg, cousin

1780, 28 January, BoA, K; Anders Svensson, Karna Åkesdotter, wife's half-grandniece

1780, 18 February, BoA; Olof Andersson, Kierstin Andersdotter, cousin

1780, 25 February, BoA; Nils Larsson, Ingrid Rasmusdotter, cousin

1780, 25 February, BoA, R, K; Magnus Norling (26), Catharina Söderström (28), stepfather's widow

1780, 10 March, BoA, K; Lars Boman, Christina Lindman, wife's half-niece

1780, 17 March, BoA; Nils Nilsson, Anna Olasdotter, cousin

1780, 17 March, BoA; Per Svensson, Anna Carlsdotter, cousin

1780, 29 March, BoA; Holsten Wernesson, Anna C. Rystrand, wife's half-niece

1780, 5 May, BoA; Daniel Björkman, Margaretha Björkman, cousin

1780, 9 May, BoA; Emanuel Stråhle, Elisabeth Stråhle, cousin

1790, 22 March, K; Per Jönsson, Kristina Bengtsdotter, wife's niece

1790, 22 March, D; Elias Ribbing, Lena XX, wife's niece

1790, 16 September, BoA, K; Emanuel Schagerström, Greta Stina Collin (24), wife's sister

1790, 16 September, BoA; Erik Larsson, Catharina Larsdotter, wife's sister

1790, 16 September, BoA, K; Olof Andersson (24), Britta Eriksdotter (27), uncle's widow

1790, 16 September, BoA, K; Anders Johansson (29), Anna Andersdotter (36), uncle's widow

1790, 23 September, K; Johan Lang (44), Magdalena Jönsdotter (33), half-uncle's widow

1790, 29 November, BoA; Jon Nilsson, Annika Persdotter, wife's half-niece

1792, 24 April, BoA; Johan Assarsson (25), Maria Jonasdotter (29), uncle's widow

1801, 19 January, BoA; Nils Nilsson, Maria Johansdotter, wife's niece

1801, 28 January, BoA; Johan M. Schmidt (47), Beata E. Sohlwig (52), wife's half-sister

1801, 28 January, BoA, K; Peter Brunström, Anna E. Holmström (33), wife's sister

1801, 4 February, BoA, K; Jon Månsson (45), Karna Månsdotter (20), wife's niece

1801, 7 March, K; Jöns Ivarsson, Kierstina Isaksdotter, stepson's daughter

1801, 7 March, BoA; Johan Ivarsson, Kierstina Isaksdotter, stepson's daughter

1801, 27 April, R; Johan Eliasson, Anna Jakobsdotter, cousin

1801, 27 April, R; Johan Börjesson, Christina Hansdotter, cousin

1801, 27 April, R; Jon Johansson, Nilla Larsdotter, wife's sister

1801, 27 April, R; Per Hansson, Bengta Andersdotter, wife's half-sister

1801, 13 May, BoA, R, K; Jonas Fredrik Brink, Botilla Kullenberg, wife's sister

1801, 13 May, BoA, K; B. N. Hanberg, Christina Elmgren, wife's sister

1801, 13 May, BoA; Johan Fredrik Martin, Lovisa Ulrika Hallberg, wife's sister

1801, 13 May, BoA, R, K; Johannes Håkansson (31), Brita Jakobsdotter (38), uncle's widow

1801, 13 May, BoA, R, K; Anders Eriksson, Maria Svensdotter, half-uncle's widow

1801, 14 May, BoA, K; Olof Ersson, Maria Andersdotter, brother's widow

1801, 3 June, BoA, K; Anders Nilsson (34), Brita Eriksdotter (33), half-niece

1801, 4 June, K; Olof Jönsson, Anna Olofsdotter, cousin

1801, 4 June, BoA, K; Per Wretman (24), Elisabeth Nyman (44), uncle's widow

1801, 10 June, K; Nils Wilhelmsson, Johanna Rasmusdotter, cousin

1801, 1 July, K; Robert M. Broman, Anna Elisabeth Broman, cousin

1801, 1 July, BoA; Johan A. Hedberg, Helena S. Hamisch (24), cousin

1801, 1 July, BoA; Anders Hansson (40), Catharina Ersdotter (34), wife's niece

1801, 8 August, BoA; Sven Jönsson, Stina Larsdotter, wife's sister

1801, 19 August, K; Carl Ehrenborg, Charlotta Wachschlager, cousin

1801, 7 October, BoA; Nils Berg Andersson, Anna Maria Schultz, cousin

1801, 7 October, BoA; Hans Knutsson, Pernilla Bengtsdotter, cousin

1801, 7 October, BoA, K; Per Persson, Catharina Jönsdotter, wife's niece

1801, 7 October, BoA; Erik Andersson, Anna Christina Jönsdotter, wife's niece

1801, 21 October, BoA, K; Adam Quist (32), Anna Elisabet Stark (26), wife's niece

1801, 28 October, BoA; Johannes Larsson (20), Greta Johansdotter (19), cousin

1801, 28 October, BoA; Joseph Rautiain, Ulrika XX, cousin

1801, 25 November, BoA, R, K; Gustaf Cronstedt, H. M. Fleetwood, cousin

1801, 25 November, R; XX Norberg, Carolina Swedelin, cousin

1801, 25 November, R; Åke Pålsson, Boll Svensdotter, cousin

1801, 25 November, R; Olof Andersson, Anna XX, cousin

1801, 25 November, R; Bonde Larsson, Kierstin Andersdotter, cousin

1801, 25 November, BoA, R, K; Simon Isaksson I. (58), Brita Johansdotter, wife's sister

1801, 21 December, D; Per Larsson, Greta Nilsdotter, cousin

1802, 12 January, BoA, K; Lars Jönsson (62), Bengta Nilsdotter (32), wife's niece

1802, 4 May, D; Johan Andersson, Anna Johansdotter, uncle's widow

1802, 4 May, D; Johan Petersson, XX, granduncle's widow

1802, 4 May, D; Simon Johansson, XX, half-uncle's widow

1802, 11 May, BoA, K; Olof Olsson (32), Karin Hansdotter (24), wife's sister

1803, 20 January, D; Måns Persson, Kerstin Håkansdotter, half-niece

1807, 28 January, BoA; C.A. Blomcreutz, Johanna Schröderheim, wife's sister

1807, 12 January, K; Jonas Werner, Maria Bengtsdotter, wife's sister

1807, 12 February, K; Gunnar Pehrsson, Brita Pehrsdotter, wife's stepdaughter

1807, 24 February, K; Jöns Persson, Kierstin Persdotter, cousin

1807, 24 February, K; Jöns Larsson, Karna Jönsdotter, cousin

1815, 8 May, BoA, K; Nils Petersson, Catharina Persdotter, wife's niece

1815, 17 May, BoA, K; Petrus Persson, Sara Jönsdotter, wife's sister

1815, 24 May, K; Lars Bygdén, Brita Åberg, niece

1815, 24 May, K; Thomas Friberg, Sara Hinter, cousin

1815, 24 May, K; Bengt Gunnarsson, Ella Gabrielsdotter, cousin

1815, 24 May, K; Rasmus Hansson, Maria Andersdotter, cousin

1815, 24 May, K; Jakob Hellberg, Sofia Tenger, cousin

1815, 24 May, K; Jan Jansson, Stina Pehrsdotter, cousin

1815, 24 May, K; Ola Larsson, Ingeborg Nilsdotter, cousin

1815, 24 May, K; Abraham Nensén, Anna Åhman, cousin

1815, 24 May, K; Adam Sjögren, Maria Fisselgren, cousin

1815, 24 May, K; Ernst Tengwall, Ingrid Möller, cousin

1815, 24 May, BoA, K; Daniel Dahlqvist, Eva Nyberg, wife's half-sister

1815, 24 May, BoA, K; Håkan Jönsson, Maja Nilsdotter, half-uncle's widow

1815, 24 May, BoA, K; Jakob Andersson, Anna Jönsdotter, stepson's stepdaughter

1815, 26 July, BoA, K; Johan Lundberg, Beata Lundberg, stepfather's widow

1807, 24 February, K; Erik Andersson, Brita Eriksdotter, uncle's widow

1850, 9 July, BoA, R, K; Carl Sporring, Sofia Elisabeth Åkerbladh, stepdaughter

1850, 1 February, BoA, K; Sven Åkesson (50), Bengta Nilsdotter (50), wife's sister

1850, 22 January, BoA, K; Thomas Nilsson (24), Brita Jonasdotter (33), brother's widow

1850, 22 January, BoA, K; Sven Börjesson (25), Stina Carlsdotter (35), uncle's widow

1850, 5 February, BoA, K; Anders Jönsson (24), Hedda Jönsdotter (32), brother's widow

1850, 5 February, BoA, K; Anders Nilsson (37), Anna B. Svensdotter (30), wife's niece

1850, 14 February, BoA, K; Johannes Jönsson (41), Johanna Johansdotter, wife's sister

1850, 19 February, BoA; Johannes Svensson (31), Elna Mårtensdotter (27), wife's sister

1850, 19 February, BoA; Jöns Larsson (57), Karin Olofsdotter (59), wife's half-sister

1850, 20 February, BoA, K; Erik Nilsson (47), Stina Cajsa Lindberg (22), wife's niece

1850, 25 February, BoA; Johannes Andersson (27), Maja Svensdotter (34), brother's widow

1850, 27 February, BoA, K; Olof Jönsson (57), Catharina Ersdotter (52), wife's sister

1850, 27 February, BoA, K; Hindrick Waern, Lena Cajsa Larsdotter (46), wife's sister

1850, 27 February, BoA, K; Israel Sundqvist (52), Brita S. Malmberg (52), brother's widow

1850, 6 March, BoA; Anders Larsson (27), Cajsa Olsdotter (28), uncle's widow

1850, 21 March, BoA; Isak Carlsson (44), Gustava Pettersdotter (33), wife's sister

1850, 3 April, BoA; Hans Larsson, Hanna Jönsdotter (41), uncle's widow

1850, 8 May, BoA, K; Per Andersson (45), Margret Henriksdotter (50), uncle's widow

1850, 15 May, BoA, K; Måns Persson (41), Elna Nilsdotter (31), wife's niece

1850, 5 June, BoA, K; Johan Hesling (47), Brita Andersdotter (37), uncle's widow

1850, 9 July, BoA; Anders Andersson (28), Gertrud Jönsdotter (37), uncle's widow

1850, 10 April, BoA; Anders Tjäll (65), Brita Maja Larsdotter (41), wife's sister

1850, 10 April, BoA; Anders C. Persson (44), Sara C. Svensdotter (33), wife's half-sister

1850, 10 April, BoA; Carl Hasselöv, Catharina Margaretha Åhlund, wife's half-sister

1850, 10 April, BoA; Sven Åkesson, Pernilla Åkesdotter, brother's widow

1850, 10 April, BoA; Erland Jönsson (35), Johanna Johansdotter (21), wife's niece

1850, 30 April, BoA; Lars Rasmusson (51), Kierstin Pehrsdotter (46), wife's sister

1850, 30 April, BoA; Anders Andreasson (33), Johanna Svensdotter (21), wife's sister

1850, 28 May, BoA, K; Sven Jönsson (25), Petronella Larsdotter (30), brother's widow

1850, 22 May, BoA, K; Anders Svensson (36), Gustava Christiansdotter (23), wife's sister

1850, 22 May, BoA, K; Anders Jönsson (35), Helena O. Wiström (29), wife's sister

1850, 9 July, BoA; Jan Jansson (23), Anna Andersdotter (24), brother's widow

1850, 21 November, BoA, R; Gustav Larsson (23), Cajsa Johansdotter (26), wife's sister

1850, 21 November, BoA, K; Nils Olsson (34), Lena Andreasdotter (32), wife's half-sister

1850, 21 November, BoA, R, K; Sven Pettersson (38), Cajsa Andersdotter (45), wife's stepmother

1850, 21 November, R; Anders Nilsson, Karna Thomasdotter, wife's sister

1850, 21 November, R; Anders Nilsson, Karna Thomasdotter, wife's sister

1870, 11 February, K; Carl Ulrick, Maria Florentina Wiklund, wife's sister

1870, 11 February, K; Per Persson, Carolina Abrahamsdotter, wife's sister

1870, 11 February, K; Jan Fredrik Carlsson, Sofia Tenngren, wife's sister

1870, 11 February, K; Tuve Persson, Kierstin Bengtsdotter, wife's sister

1870, 11 February, K; Johannes Johansson, Anna Katarina Nilsdotter, brother's widow

1870, 25 February, K; Nils Petter Nilsson, Johanna Andersdotter, wife's sister

1870, 25 February, K; Johan Axel Lagergren, Eugenia Isabella Robertsson, wife's sister

1870, 25 February, K; Hans Andersson, Anna Jönsdotter, brother's widow

1870, 20 May, K; Carl Ludvig Larsson, Anna Bernhardina Larsson, stepmother

1870, 20 May, K; August Engborg, Maria Mathilda Sjögren, wife's sister

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1 Numbers within parentheses following personal names denote the person's age as stated in the relevant document. Where ages are omitted, the records do not supply this information.
2 ‘XX’ in these lists stands for the unknown name of the other party.

Incest in Sweden, 1680–1940

A history of forbidden relations


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