Anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiments

). Notorious acts of terrorism or violence are mentioned such as the murder of the British soldier Lee Rigby or of Kriss Donald in Glasgow (see Chapter 6) and towards the end of the fieldwork the issue of British citizens heading to Syria as jihadi fighters appeared in speeches at demonstrations (Dave Russell, EDL demonstration, Luton, recorded in field diary, 22 November, 2014).11 The ‘war on terror’ is conducted symbolically by respondents in a counting-down song sung at, or on the way, to demonstrations (video clip, Walsall demo, 29 September 2012): It starts … ‘There was

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Communities, circumstances and choices

on French Resistance, looking at the wider developments in Syria, North Africa and elsewhere.87 It is at this point that the minutes become less helpful for this particular study, although by 1941 it was already the case that more attention was being devoted to matters overseas than to developments within the French communities in Britain. Nonetheless, the material was certainly sensitive, and an unholy row broke out in 1941 when one of Spears’s entourage absent-mindedly left a copy of CFR minutes in the smoking room of the Air Force Club.88 Also of value were two

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translation into modernity and modernism: Levant The line dies vaporously on the distant circle of the sky Clicking of heels, clapping of hands and the clarinet’s arabesque squawk and the sea is ashen grey trembles softly troubled like a pigeon In the poop Syrian emigrants are dancing In the prow a youth is alone On Saturday night at this time Jews down there carry away their dead 108 Readings in the spiralling funnel swaying of alleys of lights turbulent water like the noise of the poop that I hear in the shadow of sleep20 The poem has a complicated genesis, the

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Evolution of the normative basis

– both were products of the 1973 Arab–Israeli War: UNEF II (1973–79), deployed in Sinai between the Egyptian and Israeli forces, and UNDOF (1974–), deployed in the Golan Heights between the Syrian and Israeli forces. Between 1965 and 1988 no new peacekeeping mission was established outside of the Middle East: see Fetherston, Towards A Theory of United Nations Peacekeeping , p. 18

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A veiled threat

wing, between activists inside and outside the territories, and even between activists in Gaza and the West Bank’ ( Webman, 1996 : 129). Hamas continues to allot primary importance to presenting a united front in the face of constant repression and PA attempts to sow disunity by ostracizing and delegitimizing its external leadership in Jordan, Iran and Syria ( Amayreh, 1998 : 10). However, such divisions

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Street and theatre at the end of Fordism

, but the government ordered the waste to be reloaded and expelled from the country after the death of a child who had been playing near an open drum of the hazardous material. The waste then wound up in Syria, where it was transferred to the Zanoobia. The Zanoobia, dubbed the ‘ship of poison’ and even a ‘leper ship,’ sailed for four months without destination.69 Turned away by Greece, it eventually returned to Carrara, the waste’s point of origin. Between Greece and Carrara a crew member died. Six of the eighteen crew members would later be hospitalized after

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and minds, and he thought that such a position appeared diametrically opposed to the strategy being enacted by the president. Stone’s prediction was that US actions ran the risk of awakening nationalist sentiments within the Pashtun tribes, who would make common cause with the Taliban, resulting in the USA being sucked into a full-​scale war –​a war that would be likely to go beyond the borders of Afghanistan. Less than five years later, many of Stone’s fears became a reality. The emergence of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, their assault on the Kurdish region of that

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The parliamentary arena

are busy defending the homeland, they are intent upon making great profits. We have heard the wail of lamentation emitted from the hearts of Jewish parents whose daughters have fallen victim to Arab seductive wiles. They live together with the Arabs, they marry with the Arabs. Was it for this reason that the Jews of Morocco emigrated to Israel, as well as the Jews of Algiers, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria and all the other ethnicities? Was it in order to assimilate and be defiled in, of all places, the holy land, that these good, warm Jews

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because of a 1.58 percent population increase. 62 Comparatively Turkey’s economy did well in the past twenty years. As above, the country more than tripled its per capita income – from 1,000 dollars to 3,220 dollars – surpassing neighbors it previously tailed, such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Russia. This was accomplished despite inflation that rarely dipped below 70 percent, an achievement that defied conventional economic wisdom. In spite of inflation – to overcome this its businesses frequently calculate future prices and costs in US dollars, then

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a dancing bear in a Kurdish village in Turkey, the hunting of a long-horned wild goat in the Taurus mountains on the border with Syria, and an encounter with an Iraqi desert police detachment mounted on camels. Eventually, however, the trio reached what was then Persia and is now Iran, where they met with Sir Arnold Wilson, chairman of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, and Gertrude Bell, the celebrated Near East specialist. It was Wilson who suggested to them that they should film the remarkable annual migration of the Bakhtiari sheep pastoralists

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