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La gauche de la gauche
Jim Wolfreys

-term engagements has also been cited as evidence of a new type of activism stripped of both Beyond the mainstream: la gauche de la gauche 97 the republican notion of individuals as citizens and the communitarian sociabilities which, despite everything, managed to insert themselves between the citizen and the nation to structure the work of voluntary groups (Ion, 1994: 36–7). Clearly, during the 1980s the relationship between the mainstream left and social movements, once fairly close, changed significantly. Symptomatic of this change is the experience of SOS Racisme. By the

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Sunil S. Amrith

-Brahmin activism in Tamil Nadu translated into a widely implemented program of affirmative action (‘reservations’) in the health sector, with the result that the ‘social distance’ between medical workers and patients is perhaps smaller in Tamil Nadu than elsewhere (Visaria 2000). The pioneering Mid-Day Meals Scheme, for instance, which has subsequently been implemented widely in other states – was a direct initiative of the charismatic film-star-turned-Chief-Minister, M.G. Ramachandran (‘MGR’). Launching the scheme in 1982, MGR declared: 139 Bayly 05_Tonra 01 21/06/2011 10

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Kirsti Bohata, Alexandra Jones, Mike Mantin, and Steven Thompson

life in such places for an outside audience, were much less likely to comment upon it in quite the same ways. This did not mean that disability as a result of industrial accident or chronic disease was simply passively accepted by coalfields workers. For the people of mining communities, the toll of impairment, disease and disability gave rise to new forms of organisation and to a particular political activism, both of which placed disability at their core and attempted to assist the victims of coal 250 DIS ABILITY IN INDU S TRIAL BRITAIN exploitation. Friendly

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‘Deutschland den Deutschen!’
Cas Mudde

electoral defeats. Militant members openly indicted the parliamentary strategy of the party leadership and called for more extraparliamentary activism, partly in reaction to the highly successful actions of the extreme left Außerparlamentarische Opposition (Extraparliamentary Opposition) of that time. In November 1971 Von Thadden stepped down as party chairman, arguing that the NPD had got out of control. Before he went, however, he made sure that his successor was a confidant, Martin Mußgnug. In protest against the continuation of the ‘moderate’ law-abiding course a

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From content warning to censorship
Jack Halberstam

practice, as Robin Morgan (1974) famously wrote, then in this new paradigm is explicit representation of sex or violence the trigger or the consequence, the cause or the effect, the problem or the solution? And if in fact feminist classrooms, in part, have created an understanding of oppression as victimisation and of activism as the control of representation, then what does this say about teaching, pedagogy, and the mediatised worlds in which we find ourselves? In conclusion, the trigger warnings battles indicate a new level of sensitivity to explicit materials in

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David M. Turner and Daniel Blackie

‘medical attendants’ feared there was little hope of recovery. ‘Till about the eighth or tenth day’ after the accident, ‘all were in despair except Crister’ whose ‘faith and hope’ led him to the firm (and ultimately accurate) belief that Reay would survive.118 Placing particular emphasis on the importance of conversion, the authority of the Bible in providing lessons for faith and practice, and activism both in social causes and spreading the gospel, evangelical theology shaped thinking about accidents and disability in the religious culture of many mining communities

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Laura Chrisman

African socialist Jews,played a militant active role in the liberation movement before leaving – at a time when many activists both black and white were leaving for urgent political reasons – to continue her political activism in a far left movement in England. Of two possibilities, I don’t know which I find more troubling. One is that Robert Young made his insinuations in ignorance of Parry’s political history, in ignorance of South Africa’s political history – which ignorance itself would suggest a certain contemptuous disrespect of the country as undeserving of

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Caroline Rusterholz

psychosexual counselling and was a founding member of the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine in 1974. She also started her own private practice on Harley Street in 1974. Today, as I write these concluding remarks, the FPA has been placed into liquidation. These pioneers would have been very sad to see this organisation, for which they relentlessly fought, being closed. Its disappearance means that an important page of the history of reproductive health has now been turned. This closure reminds us how important activism is when it comes to sexual health

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Richard Parrish

this debate, four broad approaches can be identified. Activism The first approach sees the ECJ as an autonomous political actor seeking to strategically advance its own position and European integration in a manner consistent with its belief system. Not all writers agree that this has had a positive impact on integration (see for example Weiler 1981 and Rasmussen 1986). In particular judicial activism contributed not only to a reluctance of the member states to integrate through supranational channels, but also to disruptions and blockages in the EU’s political

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Reflecting on citizenship from the fringe

different marginalised minorities face a common struggle and should therefore fight on a common front at the fringes of citizenship. Minority activists are already very aware of this (Matache and West, 2018 ; Cortés Gómez, 2019 ), and it was not the intention of this book to instruct their future activism. Rather, the intention was to attempt to make state authorities and international organisations aware of the invisible edges of citizenship they engage and the fringes of citizenship they create. As the EU NRIS Framework comes to an end in 2020, it should not be

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