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If Italian, as I was learning it, seemed studied and clear and, in its crystalline grace, evocative of female beauty, Neapolitan struck me as primitive and flowing and masculine. (Belmonte 1979 : 5) THE ABOVE QUOTE, taken from Thomas Belmonte’s famous ethnographic account of the Neapolitan poor in the 1970s, emblematises the fraught relationship between language use, inequality and power in Napoli that I explored in the previous chapter . In The Broken Fountain ( 1979 ), Belmonte examined forms of culture and community emerging in a city

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Roslyn Kerr

, primarily for the reason that there are very few studies of sport that utilise an ANT methodology to draw on. Mol’s ethnography, however, provides an excellent example of the ANT methodology at work. In one sense Mol undertook a traditional ethnography. She located a setting, in her case a Dutch hospital, where she situated herself and undertook extensive observation. Mol ( 2002 , p. 3) describes her experiences: I observed technicians handing diagnostic tools in the vascular laboratory. I

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Jenny Edkins

the impact of the current way of doing things – even the hugely privileged – though in vastly differing ways. EDKINS 9781526119032 PRINT.indd 6 22/02/2019 08:34 introduction 7 In order to address the questions I have set out, a different way of writing is called for. Attention to other forms of expression (theatre, films, images, exhibitions, writings from outside academia) and an autobiographical or auto-ethnographic sensibility can be of assistance. The book is framed by two auto-ethnographic accounts, written ten years apart, one in 2007 and the other in

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Anthropology and rural West Europe today
Jeremy MacClancy

sake of jobs in Pamplona. Now a new generation, of the disenchanted and the unemployed, had come in to renovate their collapsing houses, clear their fields, push the forest back, and start afresh. The Navarran regional government usually approved of this re-appropriation and would even consider giving them title to the lands they were working. My second realisation was that this style of rural repopulation was relatively general and gravely understudied. Wright, in a 1992 review of recent ethnography on rural Britain, could only cite five examples, and only one of

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The “Clean City” law in São Paulo, Brazil
Marina Da Silva

kinds of methods can be put in place to investigate the physiological and sociological effect of visual pollution. The creation of such methods requires citizen participation. Perhaps the most relevant process for this type of inquiry is considering a multimodal approach to research, including citizen science, qualitative research, and ethnography as a way to analyze how classification as pollution impacts different actors and their agencies. Visual pollution and the city: Sensing different modes of experience In 2014, I conducted a series of urban walks in São Paulo

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Finn Stepputat

Philippines … this is to mention just some of the images that have circulated in international media in recent years, testifying to the power and spectral qualities of dead bodies. The event of my wife’s death and its aftermath made me realise the force with which the state is articulated at the transition from life to death, a realisation that related to my previous academic engagement with ethnographies of state and sovereignty. States tend to establish a range of laws, institutions and practices to take control of the transition from life to death, including the

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Reflections on the politics of openness in a new world order
Alexander Thomas T. Smith

, we can draw inspiration. On 22 April 2017, thousands of supporters of science marched in the United States, the UK, indeed hundreds of cities worldwide. The so-called ‘March for Science’ attracted considerable media attention. Such initiatives help raise awareness of the issues facing the science community as a result of the policy uncertainties that Brexit and Trump’s election have unleashed. I also take inspiration from my research subjects in Kansas. Since 2008, I have been visiting the state regularly, conducting ethnographic fieldwork on grassroots Republican

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Paul Latawski and Martin A. Smith

draw, Kosovo Polje , however, marked the beginning of the end of medieval Serbia. The legends and myths associated with Prince Lazar, the Serb leader at Kosovo Polje , provided an important link between the medieval kingdom and the emergence of a modern Serb national consciousness from the nineteenth century onwards. 9 Regardless of its ethnographic composition (discussed below), Kosovo was regarded as a key part of the

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medical pluralism and the search for hegemony
Enrique Perdiguero

Kuschick. 18 Although her work, first published in 1989, was meant to focus on ‘the practices and conceptions of popular medicine in contemporary Spain’ much of her discussion is based on folkloric, anthropological and medical writings from the early part of the century. But with the support of her own and others’ field work she was able to contextualize and qualify the early ethnographic material. The result, though, is that her work tells us more

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Joe Turner

fact’. Photography provided anthropologists with an ‘objective lens’ to record and sensationalise ideas of human difference, progress and civilisation. European exhibitions often provided a space for such a spectacle, just as imperial and settler state archives held thousands of images of ‘native’ subjects for education, inspection and often entertainment (Maxwell 2000). Images provided ‘evidence’ of colonised people as savage and primitive, and as ethnographic records rather than people (consider the Savage South Africa exhibition described in chapter 1). 192

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