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isolates Conrad as existing upon the middle ground between Eliot’s idealism and Ford’s impressionism, for, as he states: ‘If Conrad shares Babbitt’s desire for order, he also shares Pater’s conviction that consciousness is the source of meaning and value’ (p. 35). It must be ordered consciousness, 210 Fragmenting modernism however, with a clear distinction between subject and object. Ford does not fully recognise such a distinction and this, ultimately, is the crucial factor. When Robert Lowell asked Ford a question, whilst assisting him on the production of his final

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Tania Anne Woloshyn

principle of it – seems to have concealed the secret. It is the obvious thing that invariably escapes our notice. In our moments of idealism we talk of ‘hitching our wagon to a star’. May we not, in a more prosaic and material spirit, harness our bodies to the Sun? 1 (Edward J. Deck, 1926) The

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Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

This section provides, in the style of a dictionary, details of the political careers of significant West European politicians, especially those who have been head of their country’s government or head of state.

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