New polity dynamics

institutional reforms was agreed to take place in 2004, a time when Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic (among Debating the future of Europe 201 others like Slovenia, Slovakia and Cyprus) are expected to join, covering, inter alia, the division of competences between the Union, the states and possibly subnational authorities; the status of the Charter of Fundamental Rights; the simplification of the Treaties; and the role of national parliaments in the integration process (see below). In a high-stakes endgame, which undoubtedly brought on a flash of déjà vu, the NIT

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question of where to place Britain’s fascists in the loyalty ratings was at least straightforward: they could be counted a clear liability, at best conscientious objectors, at worst fifth columnists if war with the fascist states ever came. But calm assessment of this situation would have shown little cause for alarm. The reality was that the amount of noise generated by the fascists in the politics of the 1930s was out of all proportion to their numbers. Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists could at its peak claim only about 20,000 members and it signally failed to

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Ezra Pound

attempt to arrive at a sense of himself as poet through Distributing: Ezra Pound 83 the adoption of others’ style and modes. Or as he put it in his 1929 postscript to the preface on the republication of The Spirit of Romance: The detached critic may, I hope, find ... some signs of coherence, some proof that I started with a definite intention, and that what has up to now appeared an aimless picking up of tidbits has been governed by a plan which became clearer and more definite as I proceeded.5 What this retrospective theorizing should not be taken to imply is that

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the Free State's butter production. Four-fifths of the total employment in dairying and bacon curing was concentrated in the south-western province of Munster. 39 The co-operative movement and civil war Military conflict provided a stern challenge for the Irish Free State Government in 1922. The capture of Dublin's Four Courts by Republican forces opposed to the Treaty in April 1922 challenged the legitimacy of the new state. The government responded in June by using the newly established National Army to crush the

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The Vichy consulates

justified. It should be further stressed that the British, too, kept a close watch on the consular staff, fearful lest they constituted a fifth column and instigated discontent among the many French communities. This is the history of that potential fifth column. Rather than being the story of secretive, double-talk conversations between London and Vichy conducted by shady emissaries, it is an illustration of how the remorseless wheels of petty bureaucracy – form-filling, passport applications and personal references – kept turning despite the breakdown of diplomatic

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team because of their nationality. This also assumes that the free movement provisions have direct effect. Such countries include Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania. Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are part of the European Economic Area (EEA) and are thus fully covered by the ruling. As such the ruling fully applies to 18 European countries.42 The application of Article 81 may however alter the situation regarding the transfer of players from third countries.43 Fourth, the ruling does not affect the

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fundamentally non-existent that the mere notion is declared unintelligible) at about the same time. However, one cannot avoid wondering whether the fact that the corpse is so inconveniently something, as opposed to an embodiment of radical nothingness, does not suggest yet another dimension to the abjection its bare presence causes. Certain corpses and even mere fragments of certain corpses came to be regarded in a dramatically different way during the late fourth and fifth centuries, with the rise of the cult of saints in Latin Christianity.45 Peter Brown in his classic

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Crisis, reform and recovery

; others showed up with bags of rupiah to deposit at the Jakarta branches of Citibank and other foreign institutions. Fifth, the situation was made worse when Bambang Trihatmodjo (on November 5) filed a lawsuit against the Governor of Bank Indonesia and the Minister of Finance over the closure of his Bank Andromeda.25 The fact that Bank Andromeda was back in operation in no time – under the 146 Indonesia: crisis, reform and recovery name of Bank Alfa (but using the same building and employees and a new foreign exchange license issued by Bank Indonesia), and that several

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loyal colleague away from the West. Ankara regarded the resolution as an unjust, unfair, discriminatory step. Implicitly it put on Turkey the entire onus for the Greco–Cypriot–Kurdish and other minorities’ conflicts with Turkey. It was for Turkey to accept her contenders’ solutions and not the other way round, hence the pushing of Ankara to the end of the queue. Others were preferred to Turkey, including some who are less advanced, including the Cypriot Greeks. Inviting the Republic of Cyprus while not solving first the Island’s ethnic-political problems, and

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The Member States between procedural adaptation and structural revolution

systems are open to debate. Perhaps the Union’s institutional checks and balances might appear more similar to those of the French Fifth Republic in times of cohabitation than the German models presented above. A simple dichotomy between centralised/fragmented or consensus/majoritarian models thus lacks sufficient explanatory power, but might just serve as a starting point for further research. 2444Ch18 3/12/02 444 2:07 pm Page 444 Conclusion It is therefore against all probabilities that an institutional and procedural device which has worked efficiently in one

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