undertaking such a radical new project. Wilson hoped that British membership might provide a long-term solution to its economic problems. By comparison, the members of the Community were doing extremely well, with faster growth rates than Britain, falling unemployment and a surge in trade. However, de Gaulle exercised his veto once again, so Britain was left almost alone to try to solve its problems. Britain joins By 1971 Britain was led by Edward Heath, a Conservative Prime Minister who was deeply committed to the European ideal. He was a more internationally minded prime

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persuade and cajole their members into voting along party lines. However, they have few sanctions available to force members of Congress to follow a fixed position. Such power would, in fact, be largely undesirable to the parties as they need to allow members the flexibility to act in the way most likely to lead to their re-election. Varied regional interests The sheer size of America and the diversity of its population makes it nearly impossible for a party hoping for nationwide appeal to expect its members to take the same positions on all issues or to have the same

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Young people’s experiences of SfD

achieve. The final theme concerning the benefits of sport participation per se relates to a more select group of sport participants – talented young Zambians who had progressed to high levels of sport performance. (Professional) sport is often posited as a means of moving ‘out of the ghetto’ (Gough, 2008 ), and as we have seen in Chapter 4 , some young Zambians we spoke to did hope to find a way to escape or transform their current

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Read, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Green Howards by January 1915, also hoped to use the war for artistic purposes. Read hoped the passion of conflict would make him a writer. However, by the time he was wounded and invalided back to England in 1916, it was the passion of anger against the war that fuelled his antiromantic essays and poems (during the same period he also began a novel which was later abandoned). He claimed not to be afraid of death, only fearful (like Ivor Gurney) that the ‘high projects of my ambitious spirit’ would remain thus incomplete. By the time he

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is interdependent, but interactions do not constitute a tightly functionalized totality” can also help us imagine alternatives and inspire hope for change (Wright, 2013 : 9). His point is that an ecosystem can be transformed by introducing “an alien species that initially finds a niche and then gradually displaces certain other species” (Wright, 2013 : 9). While Wright recognizes that there are never guarantees about the positive results of such experiments – new/alien species often die or are

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The 1970 general election

’ values in education.5 As the chair of the spring 1970 national conference of Labour women told delegates, the choice before voters was clear: ‘to keep in forward gear with Labour – or to go into reverse with the Tories’.6 On the eve of Roy Jenkins’ April Budget, Wilson secretly decided to hold the general election in June, in the hope he would to steal a march on the Conservatives, as they were preparing for an October poll. During fielding ch 9.P65 218 10/10/03, 12:37 219 Conclusion the following weeks, events seemed to confirm Wilson’s decision. Opinion polls

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Fixing the past in English war films

taken to a little grass-topped hill above the village of Litakovo and shot. In the last letter anyone ever received from him, he wrote: I’ve been working hard, I hope to some purpose, and keeping brave company – some of the best in the world. Next to this comradeship, my greatest pleasure has been rediscovering things like violets, cowslips, and

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A reply from Saturday Night to Mr. Dienstag

responsiveness and examination of one soul by another. 14 Before exploring what this entails, a certain amount of ground clearing is necessary. Clearly, you exaggerate when you assert that there is a danger when good young American citizens (although I do hope there are as many such as you assume) “dash off to the multiplex

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Women, internal colonization and indigenous peoples

and citizenship division and had been prominent in the Ontario Provincial Chapter. It appears that, to Fairclough, Canada’s world position was more important than such ingrained prejudice. She stated: ‘it is my hope that the new immigration regulations will commend themselves to all members of parliament, regardless of party, to all Canadians and to prospective immigrants around the world’. 9 Freda

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One or two ‘honorable cannibals’ in the House?

continent of Australia – named by the generic title ‘Aborigines’ – hoping to avoid the disastrous near-genocide that seemed imminent in Van Diemen’s Land. A protectorate was established, but one with feeble authority. The precedent was already set for settlers invading Aborigines’ land without pretence of negotiation or treaty, unceremoniously using whatever force was necessary to accomplish their objective

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