Crucial collaboration, hidden conflicts

missionary physicians and the Colonial Medical Service: public health campaigns, the division of labour, the exchanges of knowledge and materials and issues raised surrounding the ownership of African medical education. Western medical practice in Malawi has largely been viewed as dominated by missionary physicians until the First World War, after which government medical services became increasingly

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South Africa in the post-imperial metropole

material foundation of that identity: an overseas empire, economic prosperity and global political prestige. To add to England’s travails, the old empire has been replaced by the ‘Empire Within’, generated by flows of black immigration to the British mainland that started in the 1940s and have become increasingly unwelcome to a number of white Britons. As a result, the recently reformulated Englishness – variously referred to as ‘the new racism’ or ‘Thatcherism’ – equates national community with the white race.2 This nationalist discourse eschews the openly racist

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Ontologies of connection, reconstruction of memory

obligation. The Gift (1969) reviews ethnographies of potlatch, Kula and other forms of reciprocity with a focus on the power of exchange in evoking obligation and sociability and in organising the consociation of different islands. While his comparison of such complexes in Melanesia and Polynesia –​and with pre-​Brahmanic India and north-​west America as well –​presents an internal picture, larger-​scale interaction also appears. Pacific societies are characterised by a paradigm of organisation of material and moral life that empowered trade and exchange across greater

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Emigration and sectarian rivalry

, based on zero-sum assumptions that ‘the Protestant interest’ was strengthened by every Catholic departure and vice versa. It was manifested most virulently in the middle decades of the century and was inextricably bound up with the contemporaneous efforts of evangelical Protestants to convert Catholics in the so-called ‘Second Reformation’. Partly by mining the wealth of controversial written material produced by Protestant missionaries and their Catholic counterparts during this period, this chapter will attempt to ascertain how clergy believed their churches might

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Back to the future

facilitate the various flows of capital around the world. Recently, there has been a growing academic interest in the ‘logistics’ of these flows. That is to say, the systems, architectures and processes that allow for the near-constant movement of goods and people around the world. Ned Rossiter’s (2015) work on the global logistics industry and its intertwining with new digital infrastructures and software architectures is particularly relevant in this context. So, a first key question lies with the materiality of time. If triumphalist narratives proclaiming the free

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Bacon had especially prophetic powers about the course of subsequent history. But we can nonetheless see that it might be possible both for him to have derived the ideas in Salomon’s House from contemporary forms of natural knowledge, and then to have turned these materials into things quite novel and different. Later on in this essay, I shall show how this is so in the case of two forms of natural knowledge that Bacon takes up and develops in the New Atlantis: natural magic, and medicine. The works of nature We should begin, however, by surveying the range of

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elections, Schwerpunkt-Programm der DVU zur Europa-Wahl am 18. Juni 1989 (DVU 1989), was almost an exact copy of the party programme, though with a particular focus on the European Community. Even though the party often used the same slogans and material for different elections, its campaigns were certainly not cheaply run, and far more money was spent than was received back from the state (see Haller and Deiters 1989: 270). As the party had only money and no activists, its election campaigns 3 This figure is based primarily upon the annual Verfassungsschutzberichte (VSB

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The cinematic afterlife of an early modern political diva

into circulation during her lifetime allowed her both to control her public image and to cement her political power by making it possible for her subjects to materially possess her image. 3 With her costly summer progresses, furthermore, she also came to anticipate nineteenth- and twentieth-century political mass entertainment. Above all, however, she is the early modern queen who has had a particularly forceful cultural

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the impact of Britain’s post-war economic crisis on official attitudes towards scientific advisors and colonial product research. In 1948, the colonies were being urged to increase the output of primary products and increase the speed of development in order to earn dollars and produce foodstuffs and raw materials in short supply in Britain. These goals were presented as compatible with the ambition of the CDW Acts and wider Colonial Office policy on the basis that an increase in production would strengthen colonial economies. A drive to increase primary products

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Respectable resistance (coups de gueule polis)

allowed orphans to be housed with people who had undergone serious scrutiny and who could assure the material and moral well-​being of the child. The German authority did not meet these criteria!125 The inspector was frequently arrested for his numerous acts of respectable resistance,126 and his predecessor had also been arrested for refusing to force the orphans to work for the Germans, a refusal which the Préfet saw as just.127 In another instance, the Inspecteur Primaire of Cambrai was imprisoned for refusing to allow the German officer charged with the surveillance

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