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Reading Tomb Raider

large readership. This is not Dadaist poetry or the cut-up texts of William Burroughs, where the random juxtaposition of prose fragments produces the aesthetic product: one is always reminded that a coherent structure exists within the game-fiction, and that the inability to read correctly (most dramatically illustrated by the ‘death’ of the protagonist) is a consequence of a failing of reading. The presence of the ‘save game’ option, and its frequent use by players, indicates a recognition that it is common to read ‘badly’, at least in the short term, and that to do

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for the benefit of researchers on short-term contracts in the Faculties of Medicine and Science. Their position was becoming doubly precarious as the supply of lectureships dried up, and they longed for established posts and a recognised career structure. They now had their own professional body, ARMS, the Association of Researchers in Medicine and Science. Their local branch chairman, Dr Allison Keys, in the Department of Surgery, wrote in July 1983 that the previous year the Faculty of Medicine had contained 122 full-time and 12 part-time research staff on short-term

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want to pursue such a course of action. One can infer that this was the belief of Ford also given that, if he did not agree with Scowcroft’s advice, he would have asked for a different memorandum for his discussion with Callaghan. Safety net Having been chancellor of the exchequer during the 1960s, Callaghan was well acquainted with the fluctuations in the rate of sterling. He therefore saw the current difficulties as an opportunity to not only overcome the short-term fluctuations in sterling, but also as a means for ensuring its longer-term stability. For the

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and had to draw heavily on their line of short-term credits’. 1 In London, after deliberations, the Prime Minister, Burke Trend (Secretary to the Cabinet), and John Silkin (Chief Whip) concluded that they should seek American help to obviate the immediate prospect of devaluation, then negotiate with the Americans ‘to see’, according to Wilson, ‘whether they would take the whole burden of the sterling balance from our backs

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Everyday trajectories of activism

chapter opens with a broad-brush portrait of the socio-demographic profile of activists in this study contextualised in existing data on the composition of support for, and activism in, far right organisations. The chapter then considers routes into (and often out of) the movement and the costs and consequences of participation. While space does not allow the detailed profiling of all respondents, the individual stories of eight activists are included as short vignettes. In this way, it is hoped to evoke characters who are recognisable and ‘live from chapter to chapter

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The case of Oscar Montelius and Italy

is Patrik Nordström’s (2014) book, Arkeologin och livet. Nordström’s work is a portrait of Agda and Oscar Montelius and contains a collection of 902 letters, transcribed from the 2,500 letters sent between them during the period 1870–1907 that have been preserved. In a short introduction, Nordström outlines the basic facts about the couple and the archive material. These studies of Montelius have been based mainly on Swedish archive material. The sources: digging deeper in the archives The rich Montelius archive is located at the Riksantikvarieämbetet, Antikvarisk

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was intended to be intelligible to others in the community, means that it can illuminate the background knowledge regarding sorcery’s place in social life which is not always available from historical documentation. Although folklore often falls short of meeting the historian’s standards for precision in form and chronology, and often lacks support from other documentation, 8 these shortcomings become less relevant when

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profound change.17 In many lordships the custom of partible inheritance was recognized and land was inherited by and divided equally between male co-heirs. Inherited land could not be sold but a distinctive form of mortgage (prid) developed in medieval Wales that circumvented the obligation to retain lands within a kin group. Welsh mortgages were theoretically perpetually renewable. Land was transferred for a fixed term, usually four years, and at the end of the period the land was either redeemed or re-mortgaged for a further term.18 This system of permanently

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A cinematic response to pessimism

short answer is ambiguous: yes and no. Indeed, I would argue that a first lesson that we learn from reading Cavell on film is the antinomian position (first elaborated by Immanuel Kant in the third Critique ) that there can be no rules for expressing or indexing or proving the existence of value. Thus, the best that we can do, to use Cavell’s famous term, is acknowledge it

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Demand-side abundance and its discontents in Hungary during the long 1960s

the post-1956 world, the term exportból visszamaradt (remainder of export goods) meant high, ‘Western’-quality consumer goods and pretty good luck for the shoppers who could get them). By contrast, he wrote: Domestic consumers are weak to assert their demands. This is the main reason for the sub-standard quality and poor selection of goods and for the disappointing development of production costs […] The workers – consumers – can hardly ever choose; they have no leverage [over the producers], for the supply of goods is poor even in terms of quantities. Part of the

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