Britishness, respectability, and imperial citizenship
Charles V. Reed

In 1901, Francis Z. S. Peregrino, an African man representing the native peoples of South Africa, addressed the future King George V and Queen Mary, during their globe-trotting tour of the British Empire. Moved by the presence of the future King during the royal visit, Peregrino noted that the Duke of York ‘dwelt not on any distinctions of race and colour’ and was ‘deeply

in Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911
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Thomas Robb

’s suspicions. US–Soviet negotiations concerning SALT were viewed with particular trepidation because Heath’s government believed it could result in the curtailment of US–UK nuclear cooperation. Such concerns had a direct impact on British nuclear policy and Heath’s nuclear overtures to France, and the final decision 06_Strained_partnership_210-220.indd 210 06/11/2013 13:55 Conclusion 211 to opt for the Chevaline upgrade to Polaris, were driven, in part, by a concern that SALT would limit US–UK nuclear cooperation.3 Other elements of détente, especially the CSCE and MBFR

in A strained partnership?
Anna Greenwood

British colonialists on Zanzibar frequently grumbled that its colourful demographic character was a particular headache to their administration. When the British formally established their administration in 1890 they encountered a ‘distinctly urban, mercantile and cosmopolitan’ island economy which had developed over centuries and was headed by Sultan Sayyid Ali bin Said

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Julie Evans
Patricia Grimshaw
David Philips
, and
Shurlee Swain

In May 1910 Edward VII, king of Great Britain and Ireland and emperor of India, who had assumed the throne on the death of his mother Queen Victoria in 1901, died at the age of 68. He had worn the Crown which held together an Empire of formidable extent that ranged across a quarter of the globe and included over 300 million people. 1 Of these, nearly 19 million were settlers, most of British

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A bird’s eye view of intervention with emphasis on Britain, 1875–78
Alexis Heraclides
Ada Dialla

Dreikaiserbund (the League of Three Emperors, created in 1873) 2 and for autonomy, making Gyula Andrassy, the Foreign Minister of Austria–Hungary, suspicious of the Russian motives. The British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was incensed with the autonomy idea in a region whose majority were Muslims (that is, loyal to the Sultan) and likened the situation to Ireland. 3 Andrassy came out with what is known as the Andrassy Note (December 1875), which called for modest reforms

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Postcolonial governance and the policing of family

Bordering intimacy is a study of how borders and dominant forms of intimacy, such as family, are central to the governance of postcolonial states such as Britain. The book explores the connected history between contemporary border regimes and the policing of family with the role of borders under European and British empires. Building upon postcolonial, decolonial and black feminist theory, the investigation centres on how colonial bordering is remade in contemporary Britain through appeals to protect, sustain and make family life. Not only was family central to the making of colonial racism but claims to family continue to remake, shore up but also hide the organisation of racialised violence in liberal states. Drawing on historical investigations, the book investigates the continuity of colonial rule in numerous areas of contemporary government – family visa regimes, the policing of sham marriages, counterterror strategies, deprivation of citizenship, policing tactics, integration policy. In doing this, the book re-theorises how we think of the connection between liberal government, race, family, borders and empire. In using Britain as a case, this opens up further insights into the international/global circulations of liberal empire and its relationship to violence.

Robert Murphy

If clearly marked personal style is one’s criterion of interest, then few British films reward the concern given to such directors as, say, Dreyer, Buñuel, Franju and Renoir. But other criteria of interest exist, whereby many of the subtlest meanings behind a personal style may be related to the

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Empire, migration and the 1928 English Schoolgirl Tour
Katie Pickles

.1 Itinerary of the 1928 English Schoolgirl Tour of Canada Each of the parties involved in organizing the tour, from the IODE and the SOSBW to the Canadian and British Governments, had its own particular great hope for the tour. Such enthusiasm on an imperial and a national scale contrasted with the media attention. A wide selection of

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The emergence of the British Labour Party
Rhiannon Vickers

Vic01 10/15/03 2:09 PM Page 16 Chapter 1 Context: the emergence of the British Labour Party The Labour Party emerged in a very specific context, namely to represent the working class of the most powerful nation of its day. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Britain’s dominant position in the world, her economic, military and political power, were largely taken as given, and Labour’s world-view and foreign policy developed within this environment of Britain as global hegemon. This is not something that the founders of the Labour Party necessarily

in The Labour Party and the world, volume 1
Kathryn Medien

‘The Trust will pursue debt through all means necessary.’ This is the response that I received to a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request that I submitted to a London-based NHS Trust. I had specifically asked the Trust to ‘provide details of the Cost Recovery Programme, specifically how outstanding charges are enforced and recuperated by the hospital’. Their response, in many ways, encapsulates the aggressive financialization of NHS secondary care for migrants in Britain. In 2015, later amended in 2017, the UK government introduced the

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