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Overarching the Memoirs , however, was a nascent belief in the backwardness of Indian society and the concomitant necessity of conversion to Christianity. In ways emblematic of the shift from orientalist to hard-line evangelical perspectives, early attractions to the novelty and innocence of Indian character are gradually displaced by disdain. Forbes himself recognized this change. ‘There was a time’, he

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), pp. 610–611; H. Johnson, “The West Indies and the conversion of the British official classes to the development idea”, The Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics 15 (1977), 55–83. 60 Constantine, British Colonial Development Policy , pp. 231–232. 61 Havinden and Meredith, Colonialism and Development , pp. 195–205; Constantine, British Colonial Development Policy , ch. 7; Morgan, Official History of Colonial Development , vol. 1, ch. 4; Goldsworthy, Colonial Issues , p. 11; Lee and Petter, The

in Science at the end of empire
The intellectual influence of non-medical research on policy and practice in the Colonial Medical Service in Tanganyika and Uganda

Tribal Politics, 1889–1939 , New Haven, CT, Yale University Press, 1968; A. Culwick and G. Culwick, ed. V. Berry, The Culwick Papers 1934–1944: Population, Food and Health in Colonial Tanganika , London, Academic Books, 1994 , p. 262; B. Larsson, Conversion to Greater Freedom? Women, Church and Social Change in North-Western Tanzania under Colonial Rule

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increased, and altogether their character is elevated. 33 An informant from the North American colonies described the effect of conversion to Christianity upon the ‘Missisaguas’ (Mississaugas) and ‘Chippeways’ (Ojibwas) as being that ‘they became industrious, sober and useful’. The Christian ‘Chippeways’ were said to have abandoned their

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The pastoral responses of the Irish churches to emigration

separate mission schemes, including a Colonial Mission, but with the formation of the General Assembly in 1840, only a Foreign Mission, focused on ‘heathen’ conversions in India, was immediately formed.95 The following year did witness the appointment of a Colonial Committee, but this was a mere formalisation of the arrangements already in place, in that it co-operated closely with the Scottish Colonial Mission and continued to allow delegations from Scotland to fundraise in Ulster.96 The Scottish connection was finally broken when, somewhat ironically, a Dundee Free

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Emigration and the spread of Irish religious influence

the conversion of England and his quick resort to similar sentiments during the Famine. It is important to note, moreover, that such hopes for England’s conversion had been privately rejected at the time by a surprising figure: Paul Cullen. A visit to his family in Liverpool in 1842 had seen the then Rector 201 Roddy_Population_Printer.indd 201 15/09/2014 11:47 Population, providence and empire of the Irish College observing to Kirby that scarcely one tenth of the Catholics in the city – most of whom were Irish – attended Mass. ‘I fear’, he said, ‘that the talk

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safety’ (468). The conditions of the sailors’ landing similarly suggest the peacefulness of the society: they are asked to swear that they ‘are no pirates’ and that they have not ‘shed blood lawfully or unlawfully within forty days past’ (459). The island itself is Christian (the sailors’ first question to the Governor of the Strangers’ House is how the conversion took place), but free of the confessional division that rent contemporary Europe. Moreover, freedom of worship is extended to the Jews, who were expelled from England in 1290 (though the narrator is careful

in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis

), pp. 311–34. 3 Andrew Cunningham and Perry Williams, ‘De-centring the “big picture”: The Origins of Modern Science and the modern origins of science’, British Journal for the History of Science, 26 (1993), 407–32. 4 Denise Albanese, ‘The New Atlantis and the uses of utopia’, English Literary History, 57 (1990), 503–28 (p. 506). 5 David Renaker, ‘A miracle of engineering: the conversion of Bensalem in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis’, Studies in Philology, 87 (1990), 181–93 (p. 182). See also Anthony F. C. Wallace, The Social Context of Innovation: Bureaucrats, Families

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Theorising the en-gendered nation

, simultaneously inscribes a formative narrative of the Igbo community, interrogates his father’s legacy of BOEHMER Makeup 28 3/22/05 2:55 PM Page 28 John's G5:Users:john:Public:John's Mac: John's Jobs Stories of women Christian conversion and Nigeria’s post-independence history, and, in so doing, secures his status as a national writer. It is of course true that, from the time of the late eighteenth-century revolutions, nationalism across the world developed alongside, indeed often as indistinguishable from, liberation movements in support of equal representation and in

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Approaching golf and environmental issues

the conversion of golf course irrigation systems to recycled wastewater. For a decade, Angel Park irrigated with potable water, which the city pumped from Lake Mead, 30 miles to the southeast and 1,500 feet lower in elevation. During an especially dry year, in the mid-1990s, the club used 650 million gallons. Not long afterward, the Las Vegas Valley Water District (one of the seven municipal agencies that make up the SNWA) built a wastewater recycling plant a short distance

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