2008, but simply investigates the assumptions and practices Lehman used in valuing the selected PTG assets and reaches a conclusion as to the reasonableness of those assumptions and practices’. 30 The Examiner also provides an overview of Lehman's Principal Transactions. These were primarily debt or equity investments in real estate development and improvement projects. These had no cash flow, as the land was due to be developed, or less cash flow than was projected to be generated on development, such as the conversion of

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unity of language.46 It was more important to make the Welsh into good Protestants than to make them into good English speakers. The aim in the long term may well have been to convert them into good English-speaking Protestants. In the meantime, however, it was realized that Welsh was the most effective means of communication to ensure their conversion. The translation of the Bible and Book of Common Prayer into Welsh ensured the development and maintenance of a standard literary language that was read aloud in the parish churches of Wales and heard week in and week

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’s omnipotence; ‘putanazza de Dio’, a reference to ‘God’s whore’, 179 Brian Pullan 33 34 35 36 37 38 denied the goodness of God. See Pullan, Jews of Europe, pp. 80–2; Canosa, Storia dell’ Inquisizione, V, p. 213; Cozzi, ‘Religione, moralità e giustizia’, pp. 27–8. The Avogadori di Comun were the attorneys-general or chief law officers of Venice; among much else they acted as examining magistrates and prosecuted in the higher criminal courts. On campaigns for the conversion of Jews to Christianity in Italy, see Pullan, Jews of Europe, pp. 243–312; B. Pullan, ‘The

in Judicial tribunals in England and Europe, 1200–1700
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Herman Melville

the more possible and imaginable because of the ‘unoutgrown peculiarities’ of his Quaker inheritance. Thus it is through and over the mechanisms of Quaker revelation and conversion – the glimpse of the inner light and the gradual unfolding thereafter – that Ahab’s monomania is able to grip and take hold. The process, as Melville is careful to describe it, is not sudden, not the instantaneous consequence of his injury at the jaws of the whale, but the result, rather, of a protracted and painful spiritual rebirth. Thus, and necessarily to recall the transfiguration at

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The imaginary archaeology of redevelopment

production as opposed to Villeurbanne’s and Vaulx-en-Velin’s histories of chemical production. The maison-atelier residences will offer the conveniences of new construction and the cachet of period conversions: a connection to industrial history without an actual industrial past. If maison-atelier housing references the artisanal, proto-industrial history of the Lyon silk trade more than the Fordist-Taylorist operations of Vaulx-en-Velin rayon factories, the same is true of the name ‘Carré de Soie’ itself. The silk monopoly granted to Lyon by François I persists today as

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The pastoral responses of the Irish churches to emigration

separate mission schemes, including a Colonial Mission, but with the formation of the General Assembly in 1840, only a Foreign Mission, focused on ‘heathen’ conversions in India, was immediately formed.95 The following year did witness the appointment of a Colonial Committee, but this was a mere formalisation of the arrangements already in place, in that it co-operated closely with the Scottish Colonial Mission and continued to allow delegations from Scotland to fundraise in Ulster.96 The Scottish connection was finally broken when, somewhat ironically, a Dundee Free

in Population, providence and empire
Emigration and the spread of Irish religious influence

the conversion of England and his quick resort to similar sentiments during the Famine. It is important to note, moreover, that such hopes for England’s conversion had been privately rejected at the time by a surprising figure: Paul Cullen. A visit to his family in Liverpool in 1842 had seen the then Rector 201 Roddy_Population_Printer.indd 201 15/09/2014 11:47 Population, providence and empire of the Irish College observing to Kirby that scarcely one tenth of the Catholics in the city – most of whom were Irish – attended Mass. ‘I fear’, he said, ‘that the talk

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safety’ (468). The conditions of the sailors’ landing similarly suggest the peacefulness of the society: they are asked to swear that they ‘are no pirates’ and that they have not ‘shed blood lawfully or unlawfully within forty days past’ (459). The island itself is Christian (the sailors’ first question to the Governor of the Strangers’ House is how the conversion took place), but free of the confessional division that rent contemporary Europe. Moreover, freedom of worship is extended to the Jews, who were expelled from England in 1290 (though the narrator is careful

in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis

), pp. 311–34. 3 Andrew Cunningham and Perry Williams, ‘De-centring the “big picture”: The Origins of Modern Science and the modern origins of science’, British Journal for the History of Science, 26 (1993), 407–32. 4 Denise Albanese, ‘The New Atlantis and the uses of utopia’, English Literary History, 57 (1990), 503–28 (p. 506). 5 David Renaker, ‘A miracle of engineering: the conversion of Bensalem in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis’, Studies in Philology, 87 (1990), 181–93 (p. 182). See also Anthony F. C. Wallace, The Social Context of Innovation: Bureaucrats, Families

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Theorising the en-gendered nation

, simultaneously inscribes a formative narrative of the Igbo community, interrogates his father’s legacy of BOEHMER Makeup 28 3/22/05 2:55 PM Page 28 John's G5:Users:john:Public:John's Mac: John's Jobs Stories of women Christian conversion and Nigeria’s post-independence history, and, in so doing, secures his status as a national writer. It is of course true that, from the time of the late eighteenth-century revolutions, nationalism across the world developed alongside, indeed often as indistinguishable from, liberation movements in support of equal representation and in

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