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Confronting relativism in Serbia and Croatia
David Bruce MacDonald

Islamic expansionism in Bosnia-Hercegovina. These themes of sacrifice are important, because they draw their strength from the crucifixion, not the loss of Israel two thousand years ago, the Jewish pogroms, or the Holocaust. There 258 2441Concl 16/10/02 8:06 am Page 259 Conclusions: confronting relativism in Serbia and Croatia is no strong sense of sacrifice in Zionism, no sense of voluntarism, no decision on the part of Jews to martyr themselves for some larger ideal. Jews suffered because negative forces were persecuting them. Masada was the exception, rather

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Where and when does the violence end?
David M. Anderson and Paul J. Lane

Medical Pathology at the University of Cape Town in 1950, Rogoff died in Israel in 2013. After serving as Assistant Director of Laboratory Services, and then as Director of the Medical Research Laboratories of the Kenya Ministry of Health, from 1960 to 1971, during which time he helped establish forensic medicine, Rogoff moved to Israel. There he altered the spelling of his name to Maurice Rogov and took on scientific work with the government. His most famous cases included the forensic identification of the 33 The unburied victims of the Mau Mau Rebellion   33 Nazi

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Cameron Ross

Integration (Israel: Turtledove, 1979), p. 47. 6 P. King, Federalism and Federation (London: Croom Helm, 1982), p. 94. Cited in Burgess and Gagnon, Comparative Federalism, p. 5 7 B. Whitmore, ‘Power plays in the provinces’, Transitions (September, 1998), 72. 8 N. Petrov, ‘Russia’s regions or regions’ Russia? prospective realignment of the nation’s political subdivisions’, Carnegie Institute, Briefing Papers, 3 (March, 1999), 1.

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The revolt of Cairo and Revolutionary violence
Joseph Clarke

French military might. Civilization and fanaticism According to Henry Laurens, everything the French did in Egypt ‘was done in the name of civilization’: it was, he argues, ‘the key word of expeditionary discourse’.44 This may well have been true of the savants who aspired, in Jonathan Israel’s account, to ‘bring Egypt into a new era’ by dint of enlightened idéologie and  Republican reform and it unquestionably provided French propagandists (and some subsequent commentators) with a suitably selfless excuse for an unprovoked invasion.45 This civilizing mission may even

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The end of the dream
Simon Mabon

purification, and it will become one of the basic dimensions of social normalization’.2 While the Israeli–​Palestinian conflict particularly in the aftermath of the nation-​state law, is a prime example of such a racial struggle, as documented by the likes of Eyal Weizman and Achille Mbembe, events in Iraq, Bahrain, Syria and Yemen possess a number of similar characteristics. Yet with the collapse of the distinction between internal and external, along with the framing of sect as a main point of difference within political life, we see similar processes emerging along

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Simha Goldin

taken by the Christians and raised as Christians. The rationale he offered himself was that, as a Christian, he would be able to safeguard his (Jewish) property, take care of his mother, and be close to his children and oversee their education. Nevertheless, at a certain moment, while he was alone in the synagogue opposite the Holy Ark, he understood that none of these reasons could compare to the commended form of Jewish behavior, which he summarizes in a sentence pregnant with significance: ‘I will repent, and be innocent and whole before the Lord God of Israel

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Evolution of the normative basis
Eşref Aksu

deplored’ any violation of Lebanese sovereignty and territorial integrity, Israel’s military intervention into Lebanon, provision of military assistance to the so-called ‘de facto forces’, and all obstructions of UNIFIL’s ability to take measures deemed necessary to ensure the effective restoration of Lebanon’s sovereignty. 26 In the 1970s and 1980s, largely because of Cold War

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Legality and legitimacy
Dominic McGoldrick

jurisdiction). In addition, however, the three kinds of crimes are among the few areas of international law where there is general acceptance that states can, in principle, exercise jurisdiction over offences committed by any person anywhere in the world (‘universal jurisdiction’). Perhaps the most famous national war crimes trial asserting universal jurisdiction remains the Israeli trial of Adolf Eichmann, who had been head of the Jewish Office of the German Gestapo.7 That case raised legal controversy because the Israeli court asserted jurisdiction over a German national

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The afterlives of human remains at the Bełzec extermination camp
Zuzanna Dziuban

demanded that the tooth be returned to the former camp. Even though a few accounts exist of Holocaust survivors and relatives of Bełzec victims collecting bone fragments and human remains at the site and bringing them for burial in Israel or the United States,8 apparently unbeknown to Kuwałek at the time, the public display of the ‘Jewish’ molar taken from the former Nazi camp in Poland clearly overstepped too many boundaries. Ultimately, on 16 July 2005, the tooth was brought back to Bełzec and buried –​in accordance with Jewish law and with the assistance of a rabbi

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The resurgence of Route 128 in Massachusetts
Michael H. Best

are themselves shaped in the ongoing practice of refining a firm’s 168 Michael H. Best concept or specific characteristic by which it distinguishes itself from other firms and thereby derives its market power. The entrepreneurial firm startup system is particularly strong in the Silicon Valley and Route 128/495 high-tech regions in the USA and in the design-led and the fashion industries of the ‘Third Italy’. Taiwan, Ireland and Israel have all established variants, if on a smaller scale. The greatest attention has been focused on financial markets as the

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