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, 2011) or by allowing international legal bodies to prosecute these forms of conflict trade under anti-pillage statutes of the ICC (Lundberg, 2007/8), and some positive developments in terms of the use of international legal mechanisms to deal with political-economies of violence can be identified. Hybrid courts in both Bosnia and Kosovo have seen the international community placing attention on and committing resources to the prosecution of organised crime and corruption (Eichlin, 2009/10). This, along with the International Court of Justice ruling against Uganda in

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any discussion of the concept of humanitarianism and its political impact historically, as Rieff does. Humanitarianism is not a timeless truth, but an ideology that has had particular functions and taken different forms at different times in the contemporary world. Rieff takes us through the phases of colonialism and developmentalism, drawing out the way in which their moral and ideological foundations parallel those of the later move to humanitarianism, and he catalogues the shift in forms of humanitarianism from Biafra and Bosnia to Kosovo and Afghanistan. Neta

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Integrative concepts for a criminology of mass violence
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associated with the collapsed regimes but was also associated with the return of major international crimes to the European mainland, in Bosnia and Kosovo, and coincided with both the genocide in Rwanda and the deeply contested ‘war on terror’. At the same time, international responses to these and other contexts of mass violence, such as the International Criminal Tribunals on both the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and Rwanda (ICTR), the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in post-apartheid South Africa, and associated major developments in international law, have occurred. In

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phone and regularly sent ‘things’ to each other: ‘Yesterday my cousin, who lives in Athens too, brought me stuffed pepper that she sent through him and some money to pay the workers that made the ceilings in one of the rooms.’ In contrast to many other migrant situations, such as Kosovo (Leutloff-Grandits, personal communication), home-made food in Dhërmi/Drimades travels in both directions. Even though these material flows are instrumental rather than emotional, they are a medium through which the couple stays in touch and maintains connections. The rhythm of

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The dynamics of multilateralism in Eurasia
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Russia. Western officials generally view GUUAM as an anti-Russian balancing effort. This perspective was shared in Moscow, which watched cooperation in GUUAM accelerate during the Kosovo war in side-meetings held during NATO’s fiftieth anniversary summit in Washington, DC. Russian foreign 133 2504Chap7 7/4/03 12:40 pm Page 134 Institutions of security governance minister Igor Ivanov noted: How should we understand the fact that the new regional organisation GUUAM has been created in Washington during a NATO summit? What aims are pursued by demonstratively creating

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A bounded security role in a greater Europe
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between a US-led ‘NATO at 20’ (cum Russia) and the EU from which both the United States and Russia are excluded. Indeed, in 2001–02, the military campaign in Afghanistan pointed to a new American doctrine of strategic relevance that 240 2504Chap12 7/4/03 12:42 pm Page 241 The EU and Eurasia provided for ‘mutually assured recrimination’ across the Atlantic. Because large ‘coalitions of the willing’ might confuse or dilute the mission, as had been shown during the 1999 war in Kosovo, credible offers of usable capabilities from willing coalition partners were mostly

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From disaster to devolution and beyond
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Scotland’ policy), student tuition fees, Alex Salmond’s controversial stance over NATO’s bombing of Kosovo (which he described as ‘unpardonable folly’), Labour’s plans for private finance initiatives, etc. Even though these issues were of the ‘tax and spending’ variety which Conservatives had utilised in the past, the party itself was marginalised from such questions by the dominance of Labour and the SNP in the media. Second, the Conservatives marginalised themselves from the election campaign by ruling themselves out of participation in any post-election coalition. As

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Strangers among citizens

Influx of Displaced Persons and on Measures Promoting a Balance of Efforts between Member States in Receiving Such Persons and Bearing the Consequences Thereof . The directive was developed after the war in Kosovo in 2001 to promote the cooperation and solidarity among the then Member States of the European Community (Sardelić, 2017a ). 3 For example, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated: ‘Hungary's historical given is

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Sabotage as a citizenship enactment at the fringes

representatives of WebLAN in late 2012. The initial network consisted of the NGO Praxis from Serbia, Our Rights from BIH, Civil Rights Programme from Kosovo, Macedonian Young Lawyers from North Macedonia and the Information Legal Centre from Croatia (Kostić, 2013 ). In 2017 most of the NGOs from WebLAN joined with ERRC, Institute for Statelessness and Inclusion and the European Network on Statelessness in a #RomaBelong Campaign mirroring the UNHCR's #IBelong Campaign. 5

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Beowulf translations by Seamus Heaney and Thomas Meyer
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nightmare and lament: her nation invaded’. Of the passage Heaney remarks in his introduction, The Geat woman who cries out in dread as the flames consume the body of her dead lord could come straight from a late-twentieth-century news report, from Rwanda or Kosovo; her keen is a nightmare glimpse into the minds of people who have survived traumatic, monstrous events and who are now being exposed to a comfortless future. 74

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