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−UK relationship during the years under examination here. Whilst cooperation and competition are the two main features of the relationship, there is, however, another key element that is largely overlooked by scholars analysing the relationship, that being coercive diplomacy. Traditionally, scholars believe that the coercive elements of US foreign policy were a tactic applied by the United States towards its foes, such as the Soviet Union (USSR), the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and North Vietnam. It is shown, in contrast to existing accounts, that this aspect of US

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build on these contributions by assessing in greater depth how the new social democratic revisionism fared in government. In order to make this task manageable, we have focused our attention on the social democratic heartland of Western Europe, although Australia and the United States also make an appearance. We have narrowed our geographical scope with some regrets, but we are convinced that a comparative analysis of those nations in which social democracy has historically exercised greatest influence – the industrialised West – offers us the most coherent and

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Ontologies of connection, reconstruction of memory

, inter-​imperial competition and ‘noble savage’ representation took the place of inter-​cultural curiosity. For the second new-​ world zone, Western colonialism was going to be a multinational affair that included Russians and Germans as late imperialists, as well as the United States in its colonial experiments. The British and French entered as the most expansive and experienced imperial powers. Imperial integration of the Pacific and linkages with other world regions only began in the late eighteenth century, even though voyages of exploration had begun 250 years

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in the 1990s. Turkey’s role in the Gulf War and its wake is discussed in detail in Chapter 1 . Comprehending this role and its wake helps in understanding some major developments in Turkey’s relations with the United States, Europe, Russia, the Hellenic world, Central Asia, the Arab Middle East, Iran, Israel, etc. Turkey’s relations with Greece at the end of the 1990s ( Chapter 6 ) are a direct outcome of the political and strategic changes – global and regional – occurring around Turkey from the late 1980s, and which have intensified since the Gulf War. The

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-American relationship, though Wilson had worried about its impact on his standing in the eyes of the President. More seriously for the ties between Britain and the United States, economic troubles compelled the British to announce on 16 January 1968 an accelerated withdrawal from East of Suez and the Persian Gulf, despite vigorous White House opposition. The next month Wilson paid his last visit to see President Johnson. The talks were

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gallery, of course, the public sees many empty seats, not the delegates who are actually meeting and talking with constituents, other deputies, interest groups, and others outside in the hallways or lobby.10 The belief by the general public that the work of their deputies is or should be done in the legislative chambers is also a problem in the United States, where disappointed citizens often see from the visitors’ gallery mostly empty seats and a few inattentive legislators.11 In contrast to the public view, legislators themselves see the plenary meetings as relatively

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world was being replaced by the United States, and that Britain was, whether it really wanted to or not, retreating from its previous imperial position. Vic07 10/15/03 2:11 PM Page 161 THE ATTLEE GOVERNMENTS 161 The great power manoeuvring of the European states was being replaced by the burgeoning contest between the Soviet Union and the USA, the Cold War, in which British foreign policy was to play a more minor, but still significant, role. There are two main approaches in the extensive literature on the Labour governments’ foreign policy between 1945 and

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set up UNITA headquarters in southeast Angola. Soon after President Carter’s inauguration in January 1977, the United States played an important role in constituting an informal grouping to be known as the western ‘Contact Group’ to deal with the complex of southern African crises. 9 Reportedly, in the next few years the US Government had an ambiguous attitude to the settlement of these conflicts. Such

in The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change
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The clergy and emigration in practice

1836 by a Cork native, Bishop John England of Charleston.3 With its spurious statistics and scaremongering tone, England’s letter set the standard for the myriad warnings 62 Roddy_Population_Printer.indd 62 15/09/2014 11:47 The clergy and emigration in practice which followed. Alarm over what one anonymous Irish-American priest called the ‘death of faith’ was usually given prominence.4 Robert Mullen, who in 1852 was fundraising in the United States, suggested in a controversial letter to The Tablet that as many as two million Irish Catholics had fallen by the

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A Party of the 99% and the Power of Debt

benefits the owners of the banks. The rest of us, with insufficient incomes for what the economy can produce, get mounting debt that pushes up prices (inflation) and an economy that is effectively controlled by whether bankers feel confident to lend at profit (Rowbotham 1998: 292). The over $27 trillion in total interest on debt paid out in the United States from 2006 to 2013 represents the price US debtors pay for receiving money as interest-bearing debt, and was greater than the total GDP of all but two other countries in the world—China and Japan. The goals of public

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