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Hannah Jones, Yasmin Gunaratnam, Gargi Bhattacharyya, William Davies, Sukhwant Dhaliwal, Emma Jackson, and Roiyah Saltus

a high media profile is a recognition that, since the early years of the twenty-first century, migration has become one of the top two issues (and often the top one) that concern the voting public, according to polls (Duffy and Frere-Smith, 2014 ). Some of those interviewed by Will argued that this places the Home Office in a very different position from other, more technocratic, less popularly controversial Whitehall departments. This context means that

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Public presence, discourse, and migrants as threat
Giannis Gkolfinopoulos

deployed here lies the recognition of the critical role of discourse in the formation of the very reality it supposedly just reflects (Fairclough 2003 : 203–4; Hall 2001 : 72–3). As Michel Foucault ( 1972 : 49) put it, the field of discourse is a field of ‘practices that systematically form the objects of which they speak’. The notion of representation deployed refers to the general use of signs (words

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A discourse view on the European Community and the abolition of border controls in the second half of the 1980s
Stef Wittendorp

background, the EU is often turned into a benevolent actor. Such was the message by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and EU President Herman van Rompuy in response to the awarding of the Nobel peace prize to the EU in October 2012: ‘this Prize is the strongest possible recognition of the deep political motives behind our Union: the unique effort by ever more European states to overcome war

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Syrian asylum seekers and bureaucracy in Germany
Wendy Pearlman

problem, the federal government funded 184 Refugees and the violence of welfare bureaucracies an extra 100,000 seats in job-related language classes, which provide refugees with German training beyond standard integration courses (Trines, 2017). It also launched a four-year, EUR 100 million initiative to bolster refugees’ access to university education (Federal Ministry for Education and Research, 2015). This campaign included measures to improve recognition of students’ existing competencies, expand linguistic and technical preparedness, and support integration into

in Refugees and the violence of welfare bureaucracies in Northern Europe
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Young Palestinian men encountering a Swedish introductory programme for refugees
Nina Gren

higher education in Sweden, their feelings of failure are compounded given the need to explain to their families and friends why they have failed to get educated in a country where you get student aid and do not pay any university fees. Failure is further accentuated because many of their peers in the occupied territories are finishing up their education. Swedish introductory programmes for refugees Swedish official discourse has underlined the necessity for refugees to become self-supporting (Borevi, 2014), although there is recognition of the need to Living

in Refugees and the violence of welfare bureaucracies in Northern Europe
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Ontologies of connection, reconstruction of memory
Jeremy C.A. Smith

twentieth century, mining and logging reached unsustainable levels on many islands, especially Fiji, Bougainville and the Solomon Islands. Any survey of the past of Oceania would be incomplete without recognition of the very dark history of ‘blackbirding’. Islanders were seized or defrauded and taken with impunity into forced labour, a ruinous fate for islander social organisation and heritage. Depopulation took its toll on islands suffering this fate. While the extractive logic of capitalism is inseparable from the historical inter-​connection of Pacific and Eurasian

in Debating civilisations
Acceptance, critique and the bigger picture
Anne B. Ryan

possessions that are portrayed as necessities in Irish society today. They are a direct challenge to a culture of credit and borrowing, because they promote the value of living below one’s means, instead of just within them or beyond them, and of having a savings cushion in the event of a crisis. Work Work, in the accounts drawing on critical discourses, is more than a job. Within this group of discourses, work is anything that gives satisfaction, recognition or personal growth, or that contributes to the wellbeing of others, or to the welfare of the planet. Critical

in The end of Irish history?
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Which technologies are improved, and how?
Roslyn Kerr

most effective technology. Butryn himself argues against the technological determinist stance adopted by the above authors. Instead, he takes the cyborg-athlete as a given. Butryn ( 2003 , p. 18) describes: Viewing elite athletes as cyborgs who are inextricably tied to a range of sport technologies helps to alleviate the tension between ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’ athletes and performances, because it carries with it the recognition that elite athletes do not simply

in Sport and technology
Brad Millington and Brian Wilson

through reference to man’s adoption of fire for the sake of environmental control. By contrast, the passage from 1982 admits that environmental change transcends humankind. It is undoubtedly humbler in this regard. At the same time, however, rather than urging demodernization (e.g. the adoption of more precautionary course management techniques that are informed by a recognition of the limits of human-driven innovations, technologies, and the ‘latest science’) when confronting the realization

in The greening of golf
A sociology of the amateur
Geneviève Teil and Antoine Hennion

its tradition, the existence of a specific and elaborated vocabulary, the size and variety of the available ‘library’ dealing with its various aspects (guides, books, critiques, secondary literature, amateurs’ chronicles, novels, etc.), the formalisation of training or education and, more broadly, the level of social recognition, valorisation and institutionalisation. chap 1 13/8/04 26 4:12 pm Page 26 Qualities of food A matter of method: beyond external accounts or arbitrary outside references Amateurs are our informants Based on a method we had already used

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