Mary Warnock, embryos and moral expertise

oversight of science was vital to both safeguarding research and maintaining public confidence.55 Its main recommendation involved the formation of an advisory committee to complement the Home Office inspectorate, which would act as ‘a detached observer in touch with both the concerns of the public and the legitimate requirements of science and industry’.56 In a 1980 article for the Journal of Medical Ethics, the Oxford philosopher Michael Lockwood surveyed the increasing engagement with practical matters and claimed that ‘what were once questions largely for

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The clergy and emigration in principle

1 Talk of population: the clergy and emigration in principle Migration from nineteenth-century Ireland, no less than migration from any other society, was driven primarily by an economic imperative. Whether attracted by the promise of a better life in Britain or the New World, or feeling compelled to leave by a lack of opportunity at home, most Irish emigrants determined their course based on a rational assessment of their own and their family’s best economic interests.1 Accordingly, as Professor David Fitzpatrick has eloquently observed, ‘for its opponents as

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interlocked arenas for political contest, where direct links are established among actors in diverse political arenas, where political control is diffuse – often leading to ‘second-best’ policy outcomes, in turn resulting from Scharpf ’s notion of a ‘joint-decision trap’ or Politikverflechtungsfalle – and where ‘states no longer serve as the exclusive nexus between domestic politics and international relations [or intergovernmental bargaining]’.32 Although it is not claimed that supranational institutions will eventually supersede the member state executives, multilevel

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British women in international politics

to a revision of what was understood by the ‘best interests’ of the nation. The methods of organisation used by Priscilla Peckover, Ellen Robinson and the IAPA were arguably more collaborative than those of the Peace Society, because they managed to work with people and organisations with whom they had political or ideological differences. This chapter considers the issues involved in collaborative organisation in greater depth, with reference to the International Council of Women (ICW). The ICW was founded in 1888, and was intended to provide a point of

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From wasted time to damaged goods

5 On commodification: from wasted time to damaged goods A few years ago, Princeton alumna Susan Patton (2013), sparked intense debate when, in an open letter to The Daily Princetonian (Princeton’s university student journal), she suggested that female students make the best use of their time at the university by finding a future husband. The only good men out there, she explained, were to be found exclusively in their undergraduate classes. In a follow-up interview with the Daily Mail, Patton added that college-age women “have to start putting in place plans

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The Albanian mafia

coastline to nearby Italy is anything but spontaneous and disorderly. According to a number of first-hand accounts – and the best Albanian and Italian experts – it is, on the contrary, a concerted operation aimed at making Puglia a criminal outpost in the Balkans for the European Union. At the point of departure ships are ‘requisitioned’ by disciplined, well-armed teams – not by panic-stricken, destitute hordes. Passengers are carefully selected on the basis of future possibilities of ‘agreement’ and of their hard currency funds; once on board, order is assured by armed

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prudent action on the affected agent's part. Where it is likely that a decision will be taken that breaches GHP, there may often be good reason to listen to the voices of those who are liable to be harmed, since they will be best placed to explain how the harm can be averted, or, if that is not possible, compensated for. So there are occasions when people outside of the demos do have a right to be heard by those inside – Bauböck's conclusion is

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bring order and progress to this hopelessly beknighted world, he manoeuvres himself into a position of power at King Arthur’s right hand, introduces nineteenth-century inventions to chivalry and incites the peasants to rebel.27 The comedy derives from the juxtaposition of ways of life thirteen centuries apart: at a crucial moment, for example, Sir Lancelot comes riding fully armed to Hank’s rescue on a bicycle. This aspect of the book is also freewheeling burlesque; if the whole has a satirical purpose, it’s probably best described by Twain’s own retrospective account

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-floss. Today, in the morning, uncle Michael [mother’s youngest brother] took us to the pictures to see Laurel and Hardy. First he took Grandpa to the Ritz to book for to-night. We left him there and went to the pictures. But we didn’t see the picture because it is Sunday. We went to the Jewish Men’s Club to look for him but he wasn’t there, so we went on the pier for a bit. We went on the penny-inthe-slot machines and uncle Michael spent a shilling, Veronica spent a shilling and I spent a shilling. Uncle Michael spent three whole shillings. (But Grandpa said it didn’t matter

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pursuit of a politicaleconomic trump card in the region. To the considerable extent that unresolved ethnic conflicts in Karabagh and in Georgia were considered obstacles to the viability of Baku-Ceyhan, and to the extent that a resolution of the Karabagh conflict would open the door to increased US influence in Azerbaijan, Russia found that a resolution of the Karabagh conflict would not be in its best interests. It therefore refrained from using its considerable leverage to encourage Armenian flexibility in talks with Aliev. The key diplomatic intervention was the

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