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Colbert may have thought that they needed a lesson in respect for new laws. Besides, the king was about to depart for Flanders and the War of Devolution, and the government may have wished to take a strong stand at a critical moment. But all we know for sure is that the 22 Compulsory registration king decided in early July to employ coercion in the provincial parlements and to begin with the Parlement of Dijon.16 On 8 August 1667, the comte d’Amanzé, the king’s lieutenant general in Burgundy, entered the Parlement with the intendant Claude Bouchu at his side. When the

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, is intended to stabilise the position in the market of violence. It facilitates inter alia the sale of ‘protection’ and the influx of donations. The selection of victims is based on highly complex calculations. Not everyone with possessions is subject to theft. The warlords also need trading partners, supporters and neutral powers. It is helpful to allow the violence to follow clear symbolically delineated lines to enable them to feel safe. Religion, urban or rural costume, regional accents, etc. are all suitable as the basis for distinction here. 228 Intervention

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of Kant regarding humanitarian intervention: (1) juridical pacifism; (2) institutionalization and constitutionalization; (3) the restructuring of the rights of war and peace; (4) the development of authorized coercion; and (5) cosmopolitan citizenship rights. 37 It is hard to pass judgement on whether these authors interpret what Kant was all about or whether they present a different Kantian perspective and not Kant as such. As for Preliminary Article 5 being applicable

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were subjected to a tribute or slavery system (Kankwenda 2005: 283–5; Muiu and Martin 2009: Ch. 6; Vansina 1966: 118–19). Importantly, not all of these identities had to do with access to land and power; they also had to do with norms, customs and roles within different groups and were not all territorially linked. Additionally, it would be wrong to see ethnic divisions only in terms of animosities or as clear cut. The 82 History and present of ‘Africa’s World War’ long history of the DRC, including the pre-colonial period, is defined by cohabitation (Vansina 1966

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The European transformation of the French model

desperate attempts of state actors to teach lobbying techniques that can make French actors more suited to multi-level networking. On the other hand there has been a manifest strengthening of governmental coercion of the two players that have gained new influence through direct access points provided by the Union: the national courts and the regions. It is not at all accidental that the central state explicitly interposes itself as a gatekeeper in the two domains where EU players tend to bypass the national state as a relevant actor. As a result of this, reform processes

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immediate and visible difference between a swan's nest and a weaver bird's nest, so the settings humans construct can be an immediate and visible dimension of their created and cultivated identity. From the suburban villa which both proclaims its villadom and replaces its number with a name lest it be thought to be just one more villa like all the others, to the presidential palace which proclaims both the grandeur of its occupant as the epitome of his or her people and the exclusion from that grandeur of ordinary subjects because of the uniqueness of that epitomisation

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grow up in the Islamic State. Awaiting them instead was a system of sexualised coercion where they were reportedly forced into sex with arriving male jihadis – treatment to which VRS guards in eastern Bosnia had subjected captured Bosniak women in 1992–5 – while ISIS manipulated their images on social media to inspire other Muslim teenagers to follow them (Perešin and Cervone 2015 : 502). Selimović was missing by the end of 2014, and Kesinović is thought to have been beaten to death in 2015 while escaping from a house in Raqqa

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The discovery, commemoration and reinterment of eleven Alsatian victims of Nazi terror, 1947– 52

successful evasion were severe. Captured conscription ‘shirkers’ were subject to capital punishment, while the punishment for young men who succeeded in evading Nazi authorities fell on their family members who remained in Alsace. In the latter case, anyone residing in the immediate household of a draft evader was liable to have their property confiscated, be deported to the east or interior of Germany, or imprisoned.5 It was just such a chain of events that culminated in the killing of the eleven Alsatians whose bodies were found outside Rammersweier in 1947. This chapter

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Redefining security in the Middle East

scarcest resource in the area ( Anderson, Siebert and Wagner, 2001 : 256). In addition, the Arab–Israeli conflict has brought about environmental questions related to land confiscation, waste management, agriculture, deforestation and air pollution. The areas of political, social, religious, cultural and environmental security, are all subject to contestation, power relations and collective affiliations

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Wilkes and America

liquor licenses, calendars, cards and dice. The chief burden would fall on printers, lawyers, merchants, and publicans. It was expected to yield £100,000, and, even with £50,000 from the molasses duty, American taxes would bring in less than half the £350,000 now estimated as the cost of the American army.63 Parliamentary discussion of the subject began on 6 February, when Grenville introduced the appropriate resolutions after a carefully constructed speech. The colonial claim to be taxed only by their own representative bodies would apply equally to all other

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