’s reproductive options (Twine, 2015). ‘For many women, contract pregnancy is one of the few routes to attaining basic social goods such as housing, food, clean water, education and medical care’, Alison Bailey (2011: 722) argues. While infertility is more widespread in the Global South and marginalised communities in the Global North, privileged white women are the major beneficiaries of ARTs. In neo-​liberal logic, the transformation of the desire to procreate into the right to reproduction is conceptualised as an issue of entrepreneurship and consumer rights. Examining

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The literature of pietists (Ashkenazic hasidim)

. The ‘evildoer’ is the apostate, the person who has completely failed to stand up to the test and was seduced by Christianity on three separate dimensions—he was seduced by idolatrous religion; the opportunity to fulfill illicit sexual desire; and the possibility of eating anything he wishes.3 In principle, according to the values of Hasidism, one must accept a Jew who has sinned and become a Christian and now wishes to repent; should he choose to return to Judaism he is treated like any other Jew (i.e., his wine is not considered yayin nesakh— i.e., pagan wine unfit

in Apostasy and Jewish identity in High Middle Ages Northern Europe

, the performance was transformed from a live moment in time to one that could be watched as many times as desired, through the enrolment of a video camera and tape. The video camera and tape acted as intermediaries, in allowing the gymnast’s performance to be captured and mobilised. I am no longer a gymnastics coach, but I continue to be a gymnastics fan. As a fan, I particularly enjoy the existence of YouTube, in allowing me to view routines that I would not otherwise be able to watch from my remote

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planet. In actual fact, since the outset of the War on Drugs, there has been both a proliferation of drug use across the whole world and an enormous growth in the numbers of consumers. Former Eastern Bloc nations where drug use was previously virtually unknown now have huge burgeoning drug markets fuelled by the breakdown of borders, the growth in trade and ultimately by mass populations with a desire to seek out new forms of oblivion. Wars of metaphor are an important element in modern political culture and the War on Drugs and the War on Terror are the latest in a

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of professional nursing schools on both sides of the Atlantic. By 1914, such schools, in both Britain and the USA, were well established, and had a clear sense of the distinctness of nursing care from medical practice. They produced nurses who were secure in their knowledge and confident in their skills. In the American context, Patricia D’Antonio has suggested that the development of 99 Professional women professional nursing was driven forward because some women’s desire for medical knowledge coincided with physicians’ needs for more educated and knowledgeable

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genre are especially discernible in the writing about sickness and disability that takes the form of self-help books  targeted at a popular audience, reflecting a trend that began ∙ 217 ∙ A HISTORY OF THE CASE STUDY to flourish during the 1960s. Path­ography and autopathography are new forms of popular, empirically based writing (termed ‘life-writing’) about sickness, often written from the perspective of the affected victim or sufferer.5 Today, these first-person case studies fill row upon row of bookshop shelves, meeting a strong public desire – a desire not that

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In the beginning was song

, Music and Language (New York: Garland, 1987); Michael O’Dea, Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Music, Illusion, and Desire (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1995); and Thomas M. Kavanagh, Writing the Truth. Authority and Desire in Rousseau (Berkeley, University of California Press, 1987). 2 Rousseau’s enmity towards Rameau was not surprising. In 1745 Rousseau had revised Rameau and Voltaire’s opera Les Fêtes de Ramire, which became a success. Yet Rousseau did not receive credit for the work. Chap006.p65 116 11/09/03, 13:36

in The political philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Meanings, Limits, Manifestations

recognition that finds its satisfaction only in the mutuality of reciprocated desire – driving a dialectical process whose future completion will signal the end of history. More recently, the debate around recognition gained new life due largely to the work of philosophers such as Charles Taylor, Jürgen Habermas, Axel Honneth and Nancy Fraser, who reintroduced consideration of recognition dynamics into

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The cinematic afterlife of an early modern political diva

desire as a woman; the emotional tension between her ageing and the agelessness of her as a queen; and thus the actual feminine body and its containment in the costumes and paraphernalia of political sovereignty. In other words, the cinematic revisitation of Elizabeth I primarily entails a mise-en-scène of her embodiment of sovereign power, her performance of political spectacle. In so far as there is

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The King’s Speech as melodrama

cinema, primarily to evoke sympathy for the strain the royal role places on the monarch as private individual. George VI (Colin Firth) in the film is without doubt a melodramatic figure, the victim of his severe speech impediment and the demand that he speak publicly – the violent imposition of duty over private desires that characterises the melodramatic terrain. The film can also be read as a ‘family

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