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Perceiving, describing and modelling child development

exclusively from the work of two highly influential researchers in Britain: Lorna Wing and Michael Rutter. Wing, Rutter and their contemporaries used the modern metropolis of London as a base from which to restructure dominant tropes concerning the development of self-identity and to reformulate these as part of a new model of identity development. Autism was a central concept that had framed much critical

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into the national being … we think the farmers who have enriched the movement by their varied application of the co-operative principle have reason to be proud of its effect on the thought of their country. 3 That March, Horace Plunkett delivered a speech directed towards the incoming administration as much as the movement. He highlighted that as Irish people embarked upon the hard work of state building the IAOS already performed an ‘immense amount of essential public work which no Government could

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The international system and the Middle East

since the (formal) retreat of Western empires. As Sadeq al-Azm has noted, the Arabs and Muslims, viewing themselves as a historically great nation and bearers of God’s true religion, find it hard to accept their domination by the West ( Arab Studies Quarterly , 19:3, 1997, 124). As such, external intervention and its often damaging consequences has stimulated an on-going reaction manifested in nationalist and Islamic movements, in the rise of revisionist states, and in the attempts of regional states to assert autonomy and to restructure

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An instituted economic process approach

schematically, two major reconfigurations will be described concerning processed food, the one involving the emergence of branded food goods, the other a rival challenging for shelf space, the supermarket own-label products. Once more, the tomato can be taken as paradigmatic: Heinz tomato ketchup and Campbell’s tomato soup pioneered the former; the proliferation of tomato in the chill food global cuisine (pizzas, sauces, soups, curries, etc.) typifies the latter. Jeffreys’s (1954) classic work on the evolution of multiple retail chains from the end of the nineteenth century

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on claimants actively seeking work. Hartz IV was part of a collection of policy shifts that were collected together at the end of 2003 in Agenda 2010, which contained changes in social welfare provision, taxation, education and training, research and labour market policies. France The French welfare state has its origins in the public medical insurance and pension scheme enacted in 1930. It was consolidated in 1945–46 and developed into a comprehensive and complicated welfare system. Families are the most important unit, receiving family benefits, child allowances

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’s perceived relentless and violent anti-Judaism, than by any intrinsic lack of literary or cultural value. The variety of new readings generated by this poem which once existed, as Ralph Hanna notes, ‘on the suppressed margins of critical attention, unaccompanied by commentary’,3 testifies to its increasing importance in medieval studies. Yet even as a community of readers work to recuperate Jerusalem from its marginal placement, with few exceptions they continue to read the narrative as thoroughly anti-Judaic.4 My argument concerning the poem is predicated on a

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so, do we have a responsibility to help the less well off beyond these borders? A whole range of positions are taken which often cut across the cosmopolitan–communitarian divide favoured by such theorists who work within the field of international relations as Chris Brown, Janna Thompson, Charles Jones and Peter Sutch. 1 Cosmopolitanism points to the justification of our moral principles as having a universal basis. For the

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Perspectives on civilisation in Latin America

syncretism of styles and meanings, on one hand, posits authenticity at the heart of his aesthetics while, on the other hand, expressing political commitment to a new popular cultural genre. Rivera adapted indigenous iconographies for a revolutionary culture capacious enough to attract Marxists and patriots alike. Beyond Rivera, the muralist movement constituted itself as a milieu in its own right through its prodigious work. It was a milieu deeply influenced by its exposure to international critics. In this they were far from passive in portraying a breadth of historical

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Seas, oceans and civilisations

theorising oceanic spaces, the object should be ‘the actual work of construction (labor, exertions of social power, reproduction of institutions etc.) that transpires to make a space what it is’ (2013: 158). The ‘actual work’ includes connections across oceans, and within them also. A maritime-​centred perspective on the past can help reach my aim by revealing how problems of accessing and travelling on navigable waterways, seas, coasts and oceans have ingrained themselves into the patterns of civilisation-​making and interaction (Paine, 2013). At the same time, a maritime

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One way to Europeanisation

a legal requirement, and the reason behind them is twofold. First, there is an awareness of the need to involve the parliament more deeply, and secondly, the government requires the support of the other parliamentary caucuses; it must therefore, increase work with the Parliament. This situation was particularly important for the approval of the budget, in order to comply with the convergence programme and fulfil the criteria for participating in the single currency. Despite these improvements, the Portuguese Parliament still lags behind in terms of having an

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