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Cousins and the changing status of family
Jenny DiPlacidi

passions, cousin relationships occupy a curious space in which the incestuous nature of the bond is at once diminished and heightened by its relative acceptance by both English society and the law. Cousin marriages may be more permissible than other relationships between blood kin because the consanguineal tie, in terms of shared genetic material, is weaker than those between the more taboo incestuous relationships

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Language games in the Kosovo war
Mika Aaltola

examinations both demanding and interesting is that ‘Kosovo’ is located in a realm where exotic and distant things seem to occur. This essay therefore examines the events of Kosovo not only as a sign of the future, but as a place where ‘different’ things occurred in a realm beyond the classical local–foreign boundary. A fascination with freaks of nature – or lusus naturae – has

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
John Narayan

-first century? In the last chapter, I argued against the view that Dewey offered few ideas about how to achieve democracy at home and abroad through examining his views about economic equality. In this chapter, I want to push this line of thought further by outlining what I believe are the solutions Dewey offered to his own problematizing of global democracy and how we can utilize these prescient lessons within our own debates about the nature of global democracy. To highlight this, the chapter will be split into two parts. In the first part, I will outline 104 John Dewey

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John Marriott

privileged role to play: Subserving the important purpose of exploring the darkest recesses of nature, [science] should also light up the darkest retreats of Humanity…. [I]f we really desire success to the one or to the other, to Science or to Missionary enterprise – we must first improve Geography. 7

in The other empire
Eşref Aksu

T HE CYPRUS CONFLICT , too, emerged out of a colonial context. In Cyprus, some 6,500 peacekeepers were deployed at a time when, as a result of the Congo experience, several international actors were sceptical of UN peacekeeping. 1 As of 2002, the Cyprus mission was still continuing. However, its nature had changed considerably since the Turkish intervention in 1974

in The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change
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Tony Fitzpatrick

pulls away from prevailing conceptions where citizenship implies wage earning and so education shrinks towards the sphere of employment. But Macintyre’s is ultimately a strong communitarianism for which the nature of virtue resides within tradition and within the accepted canons. It treats the virtues as given and so its ethics is conservative and hierarchical, out of step with the modern, reflexive self. Yet Macintyre’s injunction to search for the good life is compelling and leads us towards a deliberative idea of welfare. This would be grounded in received notions

in After the new social democracy
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Ian Scott and Henry Thompson

poker –​‘overcalls’, ‘pre-​emptive bids’, ‘bluffs’ –​seems to capture more accurately the nature of day-​to-​day business. This chapter pursues the argument that both Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Savages have rather more to say about money and capitalism as it is practised than much of the commentaries on the films acknowledged in the first instance. Indeed, they speak to the enduring theme of finance that Stone has pursued as much, if not more, than in any of his previous pictures. These films articulate a particular kind of moral collapse that is different

in The cinema of Oliver Stone
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Julie Evans, Patricia Grimshaw, David Philips, and Shurlee Swain

In 1841, Herman Merivale, professor of political economy at Oxford University and soon to be appointed under-secretary of state for the colonies, made the following remarks about the nature of colonisation: The history of the European settlements in America, Africa, and Australia, presents everywhere the same general features – a

in Equal subjects, unequal rights
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Joseph Jaconelli

instance. That is, the term does not appear apposite to cover the appellate stages of proceedings, even though these are undoubtedly judicial in nature and are conducted in institutions that are clearly recognisable as courts. Hence the distinction commonly drawn between ‘trial courts’ and ‘appellate courts’. In other words, the resolution of contested issues of fact appears to be essential to the concept of a trial. The questions are too wide in a further respect, in that the natural meaning of the word ‘trial’ is confined to proceedings that are criminal in nature. The

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Between international relations and European studies
Ben Tonra and Thomas Christiansen

it be viewed as a policy deriving from an emerging single polity? In addition, that aspect of EU foreign policy that is defined as CFSP is unique in terms of its process and nature. As Jørgensen notes in his contribution to this volume, ‘ communication and argumentation are essential features of the system’ (original emphasis). Thus a large part of what passes for European foreign policy is about the way in which

in Rethinking European Union Foreign Policy