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A conceptualisation of violence against women’s health (VAWH)
Sara De Vido

:01 The diagnosis on, for example, ‘the importance of breastfeeding for children’s nutrition, the bond between mother and child established through pregnancy and women’s sensitive and caring nature.’76 The CEDAW Committee examined a tragic case of lack of access to abortion, and acknowledged for the first time ‘the impact of stereotyping on the rights of individual women.’77 In L.C. v. Peru, the stereotype was to regard the woman as a vessel for reproduction, letting the interests of the foetus prevail over those of L.C. This stereotype caused a doctor to delay the

in Violence against women’s health in international law
Bonnie Evans

Yudkin’s other work also drew further attention to the fact that poverty, a social determinant, was linked to poor nutrition in the mother’s pregnancy and in early childhood, and that these factors were associated with perinatal mortality, growth and intellectual development. 70 In the early 1960s, Rudolf Schaffer, a former colleague of Bowlby’s, and Peggy Emerson had begun

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