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(Nygren et al. 2005). But there was nothing new to tell, which is why the reporting came to revolve around rumours and gossip instead. And it was obvious that many more actors cultivated the rumour in addition to the bloggers. An intricate and agitated conversation went on among newspaper editorial offices, blogs, Flashback threads, and other social media. To Jane Davidson and Ingmar Ohlsson, the reporting meant that they were forced into a protracted merry-go-round of denials. In an autobiographical book, Ohlsson writes that he felt disgust at having to call individual

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those at home who expected reassurances to assuage their own fears. Hence chap6.p65 142 03/07/02, 12:36 Women and the war 143 truer feelings were often relegated to private diaries, and it was these impressions that were often used as the basis of a later account of the war, whether as fact or fiction. The actress, journalist and writer Evadne Price made use of her diaries recounting the lives of the volunteer ambulance drivers in her semi-autobiographical novel, Not So Quiet – Stepdaughters of War , which she published under a pseudonym – Helen Zenna Smith. One

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Lacy, 19 January 1923, NAI 1088/798/4. 62 Denis Gwynn, The Irish Free State, 1922–1927 (London: Macmillan and Co., 1928), 285. 63 Corcoran, ‘Public Policy’. 64 Commission of Inquiry into the Resources and Industries of Ireland, Report on Dairying and the Dairy Industry, March, 1922 (Dublin: Commission of Inquiry into the Resources and Industries of Ireland, 1922), 1. 65 Roy H.W. Johnston, Century of Endeavour: A Biographical and Autobiographical View of the Twentieth

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Chelfyddyd y Crythor’ (MA thesis, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1983) is a comprehensive account of the crwth and crowders. The intriguingly named ‘The Good Robin’, indicted in Flint in 1569, almost alone among vagabond–minstrels in Wales had an English name: NLW, Great Sessions 14/68/Feb. 11 Eliz. Cf. the autobiographical poetic complaints of Iocyn Ddu, made to sit among inferior minstrels in a Cheshire hall, and Robin Clidro, unpaid after singing at dinner in Ludow: texts and translations in Dafydd Johnston, Canu Maswedd yr Oesoedd Canol: Medieval Welsh Erotic Poetry

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up on the lake. The water was higher than usual that year, and as he walked along the shore he saw how the oncoming ice would soon encase the homes of the small animals that had built them, hoping for protection from the cold. These animals were the living, child parts of him, and though there is a description of the awesome power of natural decay, there is also a cry for helpful connection. This man lived in a world of frozen love, and he feared involvement with me, since the sea was his own destructiveness, as well as mine/the world’s. Beckett’s autobiographical

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when he came back home to them, so I used to talk to them about “Daddy” and show them his picture constantly. Then I would wonder, suppose he never did come back? Was I only making it harder for them?’31 Such was the burden of many thousands of young wives struggling to hold together their diminished families. In an autobiographical short story, ‘The Sailor’s Wife’, written in 1945, Ann Chadwick graphically conveyed the mental pressure on the lonely young wife. The woman tries unsuccessfully to find a room for her baby and herself in a port so that they can see her

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historian and rigorously condemned both nationalism and nationalists, issuing not only denunciations of opposition leaders but veiled attacks against her husband as well. While her motives were unclear, her largely autobiographical texts presented a rather bizarre schizophrenic view of her own social and political position. 23 Brian Hall, The Impossible Country: A Journey Through the Last Days of Yugoslavia (Boston, MA: David R. Godine, 1994). See his chapter on Kosovo pp. 235–90. 24 Nikolai Velimirovich and Justin Popovich, ‘The Mystery and Meaning of the Battle of

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properly underway. Gripped with the desire to make his mark as a writer, the trip to Asia provided the raw material for Stone’s first writing project: a semi-​autobiographical novel that lay dormant for many years before being published in the 1990s as A Child’s Night Dream. Figure 1  Lou and Oliver Stone, Hong Kong, February 1968 Wa r The themes of suicide and death reverberate through the pages of this early writing, and it is not hard to see how the American post-​Second World War psychoses of power, responsibility, guilt and redemption dictate much of Stone

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accessible way’, Ralf Dahrendorf would note much later.18 der Bundesrepublik: Eine Gedächtnisschrift von Freunden, Kollegen und Schülern, ed. by Horst Baier (Stuttgart, 1986); Volker Kempf, Wider die Wirklichkeitsverweigerung: Helmut Schelsky – Leben, Werk, Aktualität (Munich, 2012); and in the autobiographical texts in Helmut Schelsky, Rückblicke eines ‘Anti-Soziologen’ (Opladen, 1981). The most detailed and scholarly treatment of Schelsky’s life and work is provided in the articles in Helmut Schelsky – der politische Anti-Soziologe: Eine Neurezeption, ed. by Alexander

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transvected (p. 162). 119 Stephens, Demon Lovers, p. 162. 120 Augustine, The City of God, xviii.18, p. 192. 94 Scepticism and belief in English witchcraft drama fiction at all.121 His authority led later medieval authors to follow his assumption that Apuleius’s story was autobiographical.122 Adlington’s attitude to The Golden Asse is quite different from Augustine’s – more open to the idea of it as fiction, but also seemingly contradictory. In his dedicatory epistle, Adlington refers to The Golden Asse as Apuleius’s ‘fable or feigned ieste’, which implies that he

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