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Tony Fitzpatrick

dual breadwinning, then considerable remnants of male breadwinning nevertheless remain as women are concentrated away from the core jobs that men have little incentive to vacate. There is a similar pattern visible in Sweden: high rates of female participation in the labour market combined with generous childcare and parental leave policies. The price, though, is a labour market with some of the most sexually segregated divisions to be found anywhere, with TZP5 4/25/2005 4:53 PM Page 101 Productivism and beyond 101 women grouped into public sector jobs and the

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Melanie Giles

the later Bronze Age to late Iron Age/Roman period, c. 1200 BC– AD 400, when we see a swell in dated interments in bogs across Ireland and Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands (Turner and Briggs 1986 : tab. 19; van der Sanden 1996 : fig. 92). It is these latter countries that will form the basis of research here. As argued above, this study is not only timely but pressing. Peatlands represent the world’s largest natural terrestrial carbon store (Page et al . 2011 ; IUCN 2019 ), with a crucial role to play in carbon sequestration as a

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Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

capably with the many challenges of post-war diplomacy and the Cold War. He was regarded as a stalwart of the moderate centre of the Labour Party, attracting the scorn of left-wingers as a result. Bevin died in 1951. [See also: Attlee; Churchill] Bildt, Carl Prime Minister of Sweden, 1991–94 and international statesman. Bildt was born in 1949 in Halmstad. He studied at the University of

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Chowra Makaremi

(1981–88), Findings of the Truths Commission held 18th–22nd June, 2012 (Farsta, Sweden: Iran Tribunal Press, 2012); C. Makaremi, Le Cahier d’Aziz (Paris: Gallimard, 2011); I. Mesdaghi, Neither Life nor Death, Volume 3: Restless Raspberries, 2nd edition (Kista, Sweden: Alfabet Maxima Publishing, 2006); N. Mohajer (ed.), The Book of Prison: An Ontology of Prison Life in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Berkeley: Noghteh Books, 1998); H.-A. Montazeri, Khaterat-e Hossein-Ali Montazeri (Memoirs of Hossein-Ali Montazeri) (Los Angeles: Ketab Corp., 2001); G. Robertson, The

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Yulia Karpova

.10 In her review of the Moscow Design Museum’s debut exhibition, the Swedish design historian Margareta Tillberg shifted the focus of her analysis from plagiarism and imitation to the affective power of Soviet objects: Even if Soviet design was often – but far from always – based on originals borrowed from the West, the individual objects exude a personal charm, variation, and quirkiness that makes them well worth preserving, exhibiting, and discussing. Certainly, one might think the Vyatka is merely an unnecessary repetition of the original Vespa, only heavier, of

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Mary Woolley

research to improve health a high priority in the US. (We have four similar sister organisations in Sweden, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and work with other likeminded organisations worldwide.) Founded in 1989, we are a not-for-profit alliance representing over 125 million Americans through their various organisations, universities, industry, patient groups and scientific societies. We are led by a magnificent volunteer board of well-respected individuals, many of whom have served in public office, as members of Congress and as leaders of federal agencies such as

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Arthur B. Gunlicks

general move to Berlin at the turn of this century. The student also learns that in this respect Germany is very different from the typically more centralized, unitary European states such as Great Britain, France, or Sweden. Making comparisons among democratic states When comparisons are made between and among democratic political systems, one of the first steps is to distinguish between presidential, semipresidential, and parliamentary institutions. The United States is the model for most of the few functioning presidential systems, which are characterized by the

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Jes Wienberg

order to be experienced as relevant. Two examples of tentative World Heritage sites that I have run into in my work as a historical archaeologist are Viking Monuments and Sites, with cooperation between Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, and Germany, and The Rise of Systematic Biology, with cooperation between Australia, England, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and South Africa. The latter example involves botanical gardens and sites from the eighteenth century, places that are linked to the botanist Carl Linnaeus in Sweden ( ). At local, regional, or

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Elana Wilson Rowe

‘greatest respect’, to explain why this is the case, as it is Russia who has opposed action on black carbon (Arctic Athabaskan Council, 2013). There are few other settings in the world where a native chief can call the Minister of Foreign Affairs to account. Likewise, the Swedish Saami representative used the home-​turf ministerial meeting to present a negative picture of indigenous rights in Sweden: here in the Giron area, industrial development  –​in particular mining  –​poses a tremendous challenge to the local Saami reindeer herding people. In our delegation, we have

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Richard Parrish

inclusion for sport in order to (1) protect sports rules from EU law and (2) develop common sport policy (with legal and budgetary base). Strong support within European Parliament (particularly Party of European Socialists) and elements within Education and Culture DG. Support from EU Governments (excluding Britain, Denmark and Sweden). In the absence of Treaty base the maximalists demonstrate commitment to the socio-cultural dimension of sport by seeking to use sport to strengthen subsystems such as education, health, youth, social exclusion and media. In absence of

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