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Simon Mabon

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Arab Human Development Report 2002: Creating Opportunities for Future Generations (New York and Amman: Regional Bureau for Arab States, 2002). 37 Christine Lagarde, ‘The Arab Spring, One Year On’ (IMF, 06.12.11), available at www.​external/​np/​speeches/​2011/​120611.htm (accessed 07.12.11). 38 See Adam Przeworski and Fernando Limongi, ‘Political Regimes and Economic Growth’, Journal of Economy Perspectives, 7:3 (1993); and Arab Human Development Reports in 2004, 2005 and 2009. Although such reports have been

in Houses built on sand
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Criminality during the occupation
James E. Connolly

state, local youths fell into immorality. Indeed, the state had increasingly concerned itself with combating youth immorality and delinquency since the late 1800s.192 Thus, the situation of a German occupation undermined not only the authority of the Republic and the reputation of France but also the prospects for future generations. The Germans themselves expressed concern about youth delinquency. Von Graevenitz wrote to the Mayor of Lille in May 1917, stating that recently children had caused ‘significant damage’ to railway lines, by pulling apart fences and walls

in The experience of occupation in the Nord, 1914– 18
Aspirations to non-racism
Hilary Pilkington

Britain conducted in a more tangible way by previous generations. As Tina puts it, ‘The wars weren’t won for us … to give our country away … Them wars were won for future generations.’ Indeed, for Tim, respect for war veterans is an anti-fascist statement that distinguishes the EDL from extreme nationalist groups such as the National Front whom he describes as ‘Nazis’: ‘the whole point of the EDL is about protecting like the honour of troops and respecting like the sacrifice that was made and it’s just like for anybody to be a Nazi is an absolutely sworn enemy of

in Loud and proud
Charles V. Reed

devolution of Basuto as a political state from sovereignty to quasi-sovereignty. 54 As the 1901 tour will demonstrate, Moshoeshoe’s successors had few opportunities to challenge the symbolic space of the royal visit. While Moshoeshoe’s political compromise with the British helped preserve some Basuto land for future generations, it created a morass for his successors, who lacked Moshoeshoe’s political

in Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911
Paul Henley

, developed and honed over generations, were abandoned as they lost their meaning or purpose. Ethnographic film-makers were intensely aware of these processes and sought through their work to preserve a record of these vulnerable cultural practices for future generations. But anything that hinted at authorship in this form of film-making was thought to compromise the archival value of the material recorded. The reluctance within academia over this period to engage in any kind of authorial transformation of the material generated by the moving image

in Beyond observation
Bonnie Clementsson

, which resulted in a new Swedish marriage act in 1915 – the Act on the Celebration and Dissolution of Marriage. In the discussions that preceded the legislation, race-biological views were clearly expressed. New medical impediments to marriage were introduced, and the justification of the new law stated that its purpose was to protect ‘future generations, in the interest of maintaining and improving the human race’. The desire was to ‘both promote the marriage frequency in the best of our members and prevent the procreation of the inferior’ in order to ‘gain the most

in Incest in Sweden, 1680–1940
Re-examining paradigms of sibling incest
Jenny DiPlacidi

breakdown of the social world. For the attempted exchange, just like incestuous relationships, ends without any exchange at all: Brontë ensures this with the future generation, a mirror of Catherine and Heathcliff who unite the properties of Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights and choose to live at the Grange. Rather than property being exchanged and expanded on, the social world becomes ever smaller

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