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A pluralist theory of citizenship
Rainer Bauböck

their membership status. From a domestic political perspective, birthright citizenship serves to promote a sense of transgenerational continuity of the polity among its citizens and reduces the risk of political conflicts over membership boundaries. First, if citizens see each other as members in a transgenerational political community they are more likely to adopt a long-term orientation towards the common good and to include the interests of

in Democratic inclusion
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Issues, debates and an overview of the crisis
Shalendra D. Sharma

moves beyond the existing literature by highlighting that it was the interactive conjunction of many factors – domestic political and macroeconomic policies, as well as international economic forces – that caused the crisis. Yet it is not always easy empirically to distinguish the various interrelated factors. This study will attempt to make sense of the causes by highlighting what I term the “vulnerability” and “precipitating” factors up to mid-1997. Such an approach requires a broad political-economic framework. Indeed, one of the major strengths of this study is

in The Asian financial crisis