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Relational reflexivity in the ‘alternative’ food movement

industrialised food goods because, as Beck (2001: 273) puts it, ‘many things that were once considered universally certain and safe and vouched for by every conceivable authority [e.g. beef] turn . . . out to be deadly. Applying that knowledge to the present and the future devalues the certainties of today.’ Beck suggests that, in this uncertain consumption context, many consumers become more ‘reflexive’ in their relationships with food and other commodities: goods that were once taken for granted are now subject to a critical distancing in which some form of judgement

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’ presupposes an ethical scepticism such that ‘no conception of the good can justifiably be held with a degree of certainty that warrants its imposition on those who reject it’ (p. 169). The kind of selfrestraint Barry has in mind here first of all seems to be based on a moral rather than a sceptical insight, for one can of course be convinced of the truth of certain beliefs and still not think that one is justified in imposing them on others; the MCK4 1/10/2003 10:24 AM Rainer Forst 31 32 33 34 35 Page 85 85 willingness to impose one’s beliefs would be a rather odd

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Gertrude Stein and Alfred North Whitehead

brevity and certainty. It offers a striking example of Stein’s habit of deftly twitching traditional, even moribund, tropes in such a way as to make them serve fresh purposes (in this case, love at first sight is transformed into the activation of Toklas’s innate genius-detector). It presents a view of genius which is not dependent on general recognition, which is a matter of degree, and which Encounters with genius: Stein and Whitehead 243 changes the lives of at least some who come in contact with it. Finally, it intimately aligns Stein with two other contemporary

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researcher to judge with greater, although not total, certainty the future direction in which EU sports law and policy will develop. The methodology has asserted the need for subsystem analysis. By identifying actors and their belief systems and the institutional resources available to them, the researcher can better understand coalition strategy and the chances of strategic success. The Single Market coalition and the socio-cultural coalition are relatively evenly matched in terms of institutional resources. The socio-cultural coalition is however hampered by the

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Criteria for ecologically rational governance

ecologically sustainable development may force national governments to delegate power and authority for the management of particular eco-systems – such as water basins – to local or even sub-local units. How far and how intensely ecologically rational governance 2579Ch1 12/8/03 11:46 AM Page 21 Where the grass is greener 21 challenges the authority of the democratic state is thus open to empirical analysis. Recent comparative research does not conclude with certainty whether or not sustainable development really is democratically obtainable. Some contend that

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Stirner, anarchy, subjectivity and the art of living

nothing can be predicated with any certainty as to the ‘true nature of things,’ all projects (as Nietzsche says) can only be ‘founded on nothing.’ And yet there must be a project – if only because we ourselves resist being categorized as ‘nothing.’ Out of nothing we will make something: the Uprising, the revolt against everything which proclaims: ‘The Nature of Things is such-&-such’. (Bey, 1994: 1) Drawing upon Nietzschean perspectivism, Bey mounts an anti-foundationalist argument: given the collapse of the philosophical concept of truth, there is no foundation, no

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Constructing security in historical perspective

replaced as Labour Party leader by Ehud Barak. Conclusion Theirs ‘was a struggle between hard-liners and soft-liners, security-centredness and diplomacy, intractability and conciliation, and the certainty of war and a chance for peace’ ( Morris, 1993 : 227). While this statement by the founding new historian Benny Morris alludes to the historical competition between David

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have been shared by many within the military medical establishment. Such ambivalence does not appear to have had any great impact on the thinking of either Luard or Fitzgerald. Both wrote with confidence and, although at times they experienced great stress, the role ambiguities they faced do not seem to have detracted from their certainties about the value and significance of their work. Notes  1 Mark Bostridge, Florence Nightingale:  The Woman and Her Legend (London: Viking, 2008).  2 Mary Boykin Chesnut, Mary Chesnut’s Diary, with introduction by Catherine Clinton

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‘Locals’ and ‘Moroccans’ in the Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux vineyards

women used to visit a kosher butcher’s shop in Lamonzie Saint Martin once a week for stocking up on meat for the family’s freezers. They are now using halal butchers that have opened in the villages of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande itself, or Grand Frais in Bergerac. Buying from these stores gives them the certainty of eating not only halal meat, but also a safe and healthy meat. ‘It has the stamp on it, it’s marked on the meat … Like that at least we know what we are eating’ (Fatima, 50). ‘Moroccan’ stalls at the local weekly market cater for Moroccans of course, but also for

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10 Chasing a Chimera? The role of the efficient market hypothesis In previous chapters, the focus was on the various methodologies for determining value, noting the disadvantages in some of the important and relevant methods used. They often involved complex mathematical models in an environment in which it was believed that it was possible to find certainty. The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) prevailed. Capital markets are efficient, because competition between profit-seeking market participants will ensure that the

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