the 1950s, enabling a revolution in social mobility. 1 These widespread internal changes were coupled with major shifts at an international level: Britain’s imperial strength was being vigorously contested, for example, by the Suez Crisis in 1956, and the global stage was set for the growth of new superpowers, in particular the USA. In many arenas, conservatism and attempts to

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development of female criminality in particular, a topic that became central to Wulffen’s late oeuvre. Despite the great success of his academic case compilations on criminal psychology and sex offenders, his views on female felons proved controversial among colleagues and his wider readership. Wulffen’s views of sexual identity – the fifth criterion in ­Oosterhuis’s definition – also grew increasingly conflicted with regard to the nexus between sexuality and criminality. This conservatism represented an ‘occupational hazard’ of sorts. Yet it is also expresses the dilemma

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Clergy, orality and print in the Scottish Gaelic world

Gaelic world was much the poorer.15 Despite the conservatism of the secular scribes, Carswell’s cultural brokering had far-reaching implications for the future of Gaelic. It is fair to state that, since the Reformation, the Protestant Church has acknowledged the importance of Gaelic as a medium for its ministry, and that it has used the language fairly consistently as a medium for the Christian message proclaimed from its pulpits. There have been times when the commitment of the Church to Gaelic has faltered. This has happened largely because the language is often

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wherever they lived. It viewed the nation in liberal terms as a diverse group of individuals. The HSLS advocated the decentralisation of power and the promoted regionalism as a way of combating the national homogenisation pursued by the HDZ.106 Dra¥en Budi°a had good nationalist credentials. He was the leader of the Croatian League of Students during the ‘Croatian Spring’ and was sentenced to three years in jail for his anti-regime activities.107 According to Budi°a, the HSLS was the ‘party of the third direction’, which charted a path between socialism and conservatism

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Economy, football and Istria

119 9/3/03, 9:32 T   C   120 we are accused of anti-Croatian stands and conservatism, only because we do not accept the change to the name of the club.98 What was worse, Tomac argued, was that the man responsible for the change in name and for the accusations was formerly chairman of Partisan Belgrade. Other typical accusations, aired after a violent demonstration in 1998, were that the Bad Blue Boys were agents of Yugoslav communists, and the international financier, George Soros, was paying them to destabilise Croatia.99

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-into-space, and the dead end [which] haunts every demand for change and which engenders a deep conservatism, and a demand for sameness, stability and support’ (Bick, 1986: 299). The anxiety about change, this love of sameness, is a familiar one in Beckett. However, the deadened ‘dead end’ is one the narrative-self refuses to accept, as it continues to create, to start again, hoping for a change that will bring primal contact. A lorn land The central thesis of this study is that Samuel Beckett’s fictional/ dramatic universe is organized by an emerging-self attempting to maintain

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comparable configurations of political ideologies in the ‘West’ and ‘Asia’, a fact that is obscured by the proclaimed cultural dichotomy. (Rodan and Hewison, 1996: 30) Or the official cultural assertion of some East Asian administrations seems part of ‘beating the West at its own game [as] the preferred means of handling the feelings of self-hatred in the modernized non-West’ (Nandy, 1983: xiii). But it is also true, despite the conservatism of pronouncements by Asian political and business elites, that the charge of ‘cultural

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Romances, novels, and the classifications of Irish Romantic fiction

‘appropriate’ prose fiction as that which educates its young (female) reader by way of didactic realism. Its apparent conservatism notwithstanding, The convent 's treatment of its characters suggests a liberal agenda along the lines of that put forth by The heroine – one that implies that, perhaps more important than what one reads is how one reads. 46 The education Eleanor has received from her fashionable novels helps to win her a husband but provides no comfort when the fortune-seeking O'Flaherty absconds. Similarly, Woodville's misguided

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retrogrades and Stalinists of art, the tiredness of rationalist design thinking had become common sense and bon KARPOVA 9781526139870 PRINT.indd 140 20/01/2020 11:10 From objects to design programmes 141 ton among art and design critics by the early 1970s. Moreover, whereas VNIITE designers continued to dismiss imaginative forms of household objects throughout the decade, as we have seen in the case of the Buran 7 design, the preference for old objects and the rise of ‘artefactual conservatism [predmetnyi konservatizm] of grandmas and grandpas’ was no longer under

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money and illicit contact to campaign for Oscar success for their films –​that changed the nature of the game. By time I attended the Oscar event for the JFK nominations, campaigning for awards had become very hostile. The ratings board doesn’t play a role now. Everyone is making a centrifugal movie to meet criteria of social responsibility and acceptance. If you do a Doors movie, you go against that grain. In t e rv i e ws This reflects great conservatism in the industry and in the country. The presentation of news to the American public is in similar vein. It’s OK

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