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New polity dynamics

third major item in the Commission’s agenda, and a new but unspecified form of partnership between the Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries was put forward, although, surprisingly, relations with Latin American countries, but also with the US, were somewhat downgraded in the report. Debating the future of Europe 205 For the more effective intervention of the Union in international affairs, the report suggested that a more integrated approach should be built, meaning, and rightly so, that the artificial distinction between external economic

in Theory and reform in the European Union

. Or the killing fields in Rwanda. Or the human misery following Hurricane Mitch. (EU–Mercosur 2000c) Despite acknowledging that the EU had not given Mercosur the same attention as other regions, the speech outlined an argument for why the EU had not done so. Patten failed to mention why other countries that were former colonies of the UK and France, such as ACP countries or the Mediterranean countries, or even ASEAN countries, had a larger share of the EU’s attention than other regions such as Mercosur. Within the EP, the view was different from the one put forward

in The European Union's policy towards Mercosur: