Theorising the en-gendered nation
Elleke Boehmer

father figure he is also considered as a generalised and elevated symbol of the new South Africa. To corroborate this fact, according to the Guardian (21 October 2002), p. 14, plans are underway to build a colossus of Mandela in the South African city of Port Elizabeth, based on the model of the Statue of Liberty. Towering 30 storeys high over the harbour, the statue, due for completion in 2006, will stand on a plinth housing a ‘museum of freedom’. 24 See Ray, En-gendering India, pp. 23–50, for her discussion of the novelist Bankim’s nationalist reification of woman as a

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Sustainability in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Science in the Capital trilogy
Chris Pak

, for example, was commissioned by the Canadian army to write a narrative of future trends in conflict situations. The result, Crisis in Zefra (2005), uses the fictional African city of Zefra to explore future technological and strategic military innovations and to assess their potential risk and competition in a part of the world afflicted by resource scarcity. While Andrew Milner notes that sf may be value-free in the sense that the genre does not imply a priori political, ethical or aesthetic values, he does insist that it is value-relevant in that specific texts

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