The pleasure of reading comedies in early modern England
Hannah August

Merry Beggars (1652), G3v). Although the line about filling their bellies is literal given the subsequent conversation about food, it also recalls Celia’s taunting accusation in As You Like It that Rosalind wishes to know who is writing her love poetry ‘so [she] may put a man in [her] belly’ (3.2.200). 34 See Rather, p. 353. 35 Wendy Wall discusses the early modern publishing industry’s gendering of texts as female and the rhetorical sexualization of book-buying and reading in The Imprint of Gender: Authorship and Publication in the English Renaissance (Ithaca, NY

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The Australian and New Zealand repertoires and fortunes of North American performers Margaret Anglin, Katherine Grey and Muriel Starr
Veronica Kelly

–40). Anglin, something of a cultural missionary, returned to Shakespeare on an extensive North American tour commencing in late 1913, again leading with The Shrew followed by Twelfth Night, then As You Like It and Antony and Cleopatra. Le Vay (1989: 253–6) notes a subsequent 1928 Lady Macbeth at the University of California with a design by Edward Gordon Craig, but overall the Shakespearean impetus begun in Australia was not sustained. In order to support such choices, many pot-boilers and hit plays had to be performed and exhausting national tours undertaken. Anglin

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The art of performance and her work in film
Katharine Cockin

) Huxley’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland for an animated Disney film was unfortunately never realised.32 It is widely known that Ellen Terry regretted that she had never had the opportunity to play the part of Rosalind in As You Like It (see Terry, 1932: 97). However, it transpires that Terry had also wanted to extend her Shakespearean performances from stage into film. In a letter to her daughter she mentions having developed an idea and wanting to try it out, confidentially, to get feedback on it: I’ve an idea about the Cinema that I’ll not speak of except to you

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auditors) was his play-length tribute to Marlowe. He also drew three portraits of Thom Nashe in Love’s Labour’s Lost, As You Like It , and Twelfth Night. Another, briefer memorial written for the deceased William Brooke, Tenth Baron Cobham and Lord Chamberlain, appears in Henry V. Brooke is said to have taken umbrage at Shakespeare’s adoption of the name of his famous

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Speaking pictures?
Chloe Porter

, Scriptura, and Theatrum: Shakespeare and the Emblem’, Poetics Today , 10:1, Art and Literature I ( 1989 ), 155–71, 159. 31 Mitchell, Picture Theory , p. 152. 32 Martha Ronk, ‘Locating the Visual in As You like It

in Making and unmaking in early modern English drama
James Downs

over 200 productions. These included several adaptations of English-language works, such as Oscar Wilde’s The Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest , Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night , As You Like It , Midsummer Night’s Dream and King Lear , as well as George Bernard Shaw’s Candida . In another play about the British monarchy he played the part of Essex in Ferdinand Bruckner

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Sara Haslam

good her point to Orlando in As You Like It, Rosalind tells him that ‘I will be more jealous of thee than of a Barbary cock-pigeon over his hen’ (IV. i. 157). This is the best illustrative image she can find of primal, jealous behaviour. 17 Joseph Bristow, Sexuality (London, Routledge, 1997), p. 41. Ford read Otto Weininger’s Sex and Character (1903); refer to the discussion in Chapter 2. 18 The pagan context provides a more helpful interpretation of the dove: as Aphrodite’s bird, the dove comes to symbolise along with her the ‘irresistible generative force’ and the

in Fragmenting modernism
Sukanta Chaudhuri

Pastoral Poetry of the English Renaissance contains the text of the poems with brief headnotes giving date, source and other basic information, and footnotes with full annotation.

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