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Ian Scott and Henry Thompson

Interviews Stone on Stone Between 2010 and 2014 we interviewed Oliver Stone on a number of occasions, either personally or in correspondence by email. He was always ready to engage with us, quite literally. Stone thrives on the cut-​and-​thrust of debate about his films, about himself and perceptions of him that have adorned media outlets around the world throughout his career –​and, of course, about the state of America. What follows are transcripts from some of those interviews, without redaction. Stone is always at his most fascinating when a question leads

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Memory and popular film
Paul Grainge

film to historically remembered events. The brouhaha over Oliver Stone’s depiction of events surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy in JFK was an especially publicised example of this, figured around questions of historical accuracy and the perception of Stone’s obfuscating conspiratorial obsessions. For its part, Schindler’s List generated fears that ‘authentic cultural memory’ was being compromised by the

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