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Nico Randeraad

government. The latter had to be vanquished, whatever the cost.1 Wilhelm agreed with Bismarck’s reasoning entirely, and both remained loyal to the principle of the strong state throughout their lives. A strong state was certainly not detrimental to statistics, as Chapters 2 and 3 on France and Austria show. However, it would be wrong to view German government statistics as merely a lifeless appendage of an authoritarian state power. Statistics was a refuge for a more liberal Germany, even in Prussian Berlin. There were few conservative aristocrats among the active

in States and statistics in the nineteenth century
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The ‘pathology’ of childhood in late nineteenth-century London
Steven Taylor

. 64 CS, Casefiles, CF004828/1–3, Frederick F. 65 UK Government Statistics, Children Looked After in England , SFR41/2016, available at .

in Progress and pathology
Institutionalized gesture politics?
Joy C. Kwesiga

, their actual roles are not so well articulated. Worse still, they are virtually unfunded by the state. Conflicting messages about them abound (personal interviews with many district officials, May and June 1998). Therefore not only is the mandate too enormous, but some units are created without being provided with the necessary instruments to perform. Mechanisms for research and dissemination The MGLSD has collaborated with the Government Statistics Department in order to carry out research projects and to disseminate the outcome of these projects. In this GENDER

in Mainstreaming gender, democratizing the state?
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La colonie Française
Nicholas Atkin

-six years to an English doctor. Her son having been killed with the RAF, she was now keen to do welfare work among her compatriots.42 And, finally, there were a significant number of children, 2499 Chap5 7/4/03 194 2:44 pm Page 194 The forgotten French although exactly how many remains unknown as those under sixteen years of age were excluded from government statistics on aliens. Within London, several of these children had attended the Lycée Français in Kensington, which had operated under the aegis of the Institut Français. It will be recalled that to escape the

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