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relatively small number of Allied servicemen or men of military age who successfully escaped the occupied zone, it is questionable whether their presence in the Allied military would have turned the tide of battle. However, in aiding such men, occupés asserted their patriotism, their humanitarianism, their willingness to defy the Germans and their wish for an Allied victory. They also adhered to their principles, reconfiguring their moral-​patriotic compass so that for them their actions were always justified, always respectable. Returning soldiers to Allied lines was a

in The experience of occupation in the Nord, 1914– 18
Britishness, respectability, and imperial citizenship

-educated respectables , a rejection of liberal-humanitarianism in the aftermath of the abolition of slavery, the Indian Mutiny, and the Morant Bay ‘Rebellion’. 7 The educated native came to represent, among other caricatures, ‘the Dangerous Native’, ‘a misadjusted, urbanised, male agitator, his lips dripping with wild and imperfectly understood rhetoric about rights’ or the ‘money-grubbing’, acquisitive, and

in Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911