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Feminism, anti-colonialism and a forgotten fight for freedom
Alison Donnell

minister, Marson’s intellectual development took place within the context of a religious home where the activities of playing music and reading poetry were prized, and the conservative and colonial Hampton High School where she received an ‘English public-school education’. 1 However, as one of a small number of black scholarship girls, Marson was apprenticed in the operations of racism by the time she

in West Indian intellectuals in Britain
Contesting the meaning of the 2015 refugee crisis in Sweden
Admir Skodo

claim that events happen randomly or spontaneously. There are, however, different conceptions of whether events can be explained by individuals’ actions, by economic and material conditions, by the intellectual development of societies, or by repeating patterns of change – or perhaps by all these forces, and more. The concept of event and series of events can in other words be interpreted differently and we have interpreted the events according to the descriptions in our [government] directive. It is clear that the directive does not emphasize an examination of the

in Refugees and the violence of welfare bureaucracies in Northern Europe
The origins of the concept in Enlightenment intellectual culture
Nicholas Hudson

this case in An Essay on the Original Genius and Writings of Homer, written in 1767 and published in 1769. Wood represents a crescendo in the intellectual developments that I have traced from the Renaissance. For he had absorbed the intellectual conditions of his time – a time of increased interest in the sound of language, along with a new interest in ‘primitive’ speech and culture. His case for the oral sources of Homeric verse was grounded not in historical evidence, but rather in the conjecture that only a tradition without letters could have produced poetry of

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Edmund Howes’s Annales
Ben Dew

contrast, England’s geographical position ensured that it had lagged behind other countries. Thus while it was a ‘truely auncient, and right worthily renowned’ nation, the fact that it was ‘divided by the Ocean from the maine land’ isolated it from intellectual developments in Europe. In recent years, however, ‘the providence of her Princes, together with the diligence and industry of the people’ had enabled England to overcome this handicap. As a result, it was ‘now possest with as full measure of knowledge in all things, as any kingdome in the World, especially in

in Commerce, finance and statecraft
S.J. Barnett

far has been that of the poor Calvinist Bayle falling foul of the wrong audience. Or did he? Should we be so presumptuous, indeed arrogant, as to allow the assumption that, because he was so infamously ‘misread’ by a few elite radical thinkers, he was generally ‘misread’? Did his Christian thought have no impact on the vast majority of his readership who were of course not sceptics or deists, but Christians (and principally Protestants)? From this point of view, much work on the place of Bayle in the dynamic of eighteenth-century intellectual development remains to

in The Enlightenment and religion
Israel and a Palestinian state
Lenore G. Martin

community as they attract contributors to their intellectual development and proponents who urge their utility for policy makers. For the careful scholar, the worth of any new conceptualization must be proven through testing, typically by applying it to factual situations in defined periods, and comparing its explanatory power against competing theories. For the prudent policy maker, the validity of any

in Redefining security in the Middle East
Kevin Hickson

/8/09 12:13:42 218 Resources for rethinking However, by the end of the nineteenth century, social democrats were beginning to revise these fundamental tenets of Marxism, notably with the publication of Eduard Bernstein’s The Preconditions of Socialism (Bernstein [1899] 1993). This revisionist tradition was important to Crosland’s intellectual development and he sought to provide a similar tract for British social democracy in post-war conditions. He drew on the ideas developed in the academic literature about the separation of ownership and control within industry and

in In search of social democracy
Acceptance, critique and the bigger picture
Anne B. Ryan

the system cannot continue indefinitely, because it depends on and is depleting natural and finite resources, such as oil and gas. It also has personal, psychological and social consequences which many people consider unacceptable. Effects on spiritual and intellectual development Many – especially older – people often wonder why some people are unhappy in their lifestyles and paid work. They are not prepared to shed too many tears for a high-earning younger generation whose main problems seem to be time poverty and job stress. However, growth economics has had

in The end of Irish history?
Mandy Merck

–95. 16 But two key scenes in The Queen clearly refer to an earlier revolution, the English revolution that climaxed with the execution of Charles I in 1649. The emphatic ‘Anglitude’ of this film and its actors is ideological as well as historical, and it prompts a reconsideration of that other revolution and its relation to this dramatic mode. Here it is worth recalling that the intellectual

in The British monarchy on screen
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Bonnie Evans

hallucination concerning the body and bodily functions. Now the social world was created in the very material of statistical and epidemiological studies, in the logic of collecting and collating. Detailed observations of infants shifting their eyes, reaching for toys and moving objects around were no longer just of interest to psychologists studying intellectual development or psychoanalysts studying human

in The metamorphosis of autism