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Paul Currion

workers and disaster-affected communities ( Bloom and Betts, 2013 ; Jacobsen, 2015 ; Ong and Combinido, 2018 ). In addition, because much humanitarian innovation merely repurposes commercial innovation for humanitarian use ( Carbonnier, 2015 ), when humanitarian actors incorporate these technologies into their work they also incorporate the values embedded in them. In the specific case of information technologies, this creates ‘a political economy in which technocratic solutions and

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A Congolese Experience
Justine Brabant

l’expatriation française en Centrafrique’ ( Thèse 64 en sciences sociales, Université de Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis ). Brandt , C. O. and De Herdt , T. ( 2019 ), ‘On the Political Economy of Data Collection: Lessons from the Unaccomplished Population Census (Democratic Republic of

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Timothy Longman

Zaïre. Le vécu d’une réfugiée rwandaise ( Paris : L’Harmattan ). Verwimp , P. ( 2003 ), ‘ Testing the Double Genocide Thesis for Central and Southern Rwanda ’, Journal of Conflict Resolution , 47 : 4 , 423 – 42 . Verwimp , P. ( 2013 ), Peasants in Power: The Political Economy of Development and Genocide in Rwanda ( Dordrect : Springer ).

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Open Access (free)
Brad Evans

with entitlement would permit the continuation of inequality, with blame apportioned to the poor for their own plight. Indeed, since the entitlement model (as a re-scripting of earlier enlightenment assumptions on the progressive contours of a meaningful life) sought an effective break with colonial history and its lasting effects among the world of peoples, so this bourgeois construct proved capable of moralising the power of political economy and putting development workers at the forefront of the fight to deal with unnecessary suffering in zones of abandonment and

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Dispelling Misconceptions about Sexual Violence against Men and Boys in Conflict and Displacement
Heleen Touquet, Sarah Chynoweth, Sarah Martin, Chen Reis, Henri Myrttinen, Philipp Schulz, Lewis Turner, and David Duriesmith

Wartime Sexual Violence Paradigm ’, in Flood , M. and Howson , R. (eds), Engaging Men in Building Gender Equality ( Newcastle, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing ). Meger , S. ( 2018 ), ‘ The Political Economy of Sexual Violence ’, in Zalewski

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Open Access (free)
Governing Precarity through Adaptive Design
Mark Duffield

of African Political Economy , 47 , 64 – 83 . Meagher , K. ( 2016 ), ‘ The Scramble for Africans: Demography, Globalisation and Africa’s Informal Labour Markets ’, Journal of Development Studies , 52 : 4 , 483 – 97 . Meier , P. ( 2012 ), ‘ Does the Humanitarian Industry Have a Future in the Digital Age? ’, iRevolutions , 9 April , (accessed 28 August 2017 ). Meier , P. ( 2015 ), Digital

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Middle-Aged Syrian Women’s Contributions to Family Livelihoods during Protracted Displacement in Jordan
Dina Sidhva, Ann-Christin Zuntz, Ruba al Akash, Ayat Nashwan, and Areej Al-Majali

. Alsaba , K. and Kapilashrami , A. ( 2016 ), ‘ Understanding Women’s Experience of Violence and the Political Economy of Gender in Conflict: The Case of Syria ’, Reproductive Health Matters , 24 : 47 , 5 – 17 . Barbelet , V

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
The crisis of British social democratic political economy
Noel Thompson

3 From The Future of Socialism (1956) to a future without socialism? The crisis of British social democratic political economy Noel Thompson The national shift to the left, with all its implications for the balance of power, may be accepted as permanent . . . Any Government which tampered seriously with the basic structure of the full-employment Welfare State would meet with a sharp reverse at the polls . . . It is this which explains the otherwise curious phenomenon that the Conservatives now fight elections largely on policies which twenty years ago were

in In search of social democracy
G. Honor Fagan

capitalism, then we need to examine the phenomenon of ‘Ireland’ through the analytical framework of cultural political economy. This should throw light on globalisation tendencies and counter-tendencies from a specific location and, likewise, show how culture implicates itself daily in the cultural political processes that have produced ‘Ireland’. The most common reading of Ireland and its current state of development is as a country that has done well in the era of globalisation, much as it had earlier done very badly in the era of imperialism. Has there really been such

in The end of Irish history?
Contextual, analytical and theoretical issues
Colin Hay

ITLP_C12.QXD 18/8/03 10:02 am Page 182 12 How to study the Labour Party: contextual, analytical and theoretical issues Colin Hay The political analysis and the political economy of the British Labour Party have tended to concern themselves principally with the concrete and the substantive. This is both unremarkable and entirely legitimate. Yet something is potentially lost. For while an aim of the present collection is to discuss the principal positions of some of the leading exponents in this literature, it cannot be doubted that the literature rests

in Interpreting the Labour Party