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The Admirable Crichton and Look Back in Anger
Stephen Lacey

’s temporary lover – Helena and, briefly, Alison’s father). However, little of the film’s action remains within the Porter’s seedy bed-sit. The film opens, not in the flat, but in a jazz club/pub. As the narrative progresses, locations only mentioned in the play are represented directly on screen; we follow Jimmy and Cliff to the street market where they run a sweet stall; we see Jimmy attend the funeral of

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Continuity and change
Erin Bell and Ann Gray

. Perhaps to counterbalance this, Snow goes on to interview people at a ‘London street market’ near Westminster, with their accounts of sleeping on the pavement near the Abbey in 1953, to be there in good time for the coronation procession. However, after two accounts from elderly women, a Northern Irish man adds that ‘I’m afraid it was all a big disappointment to me, cos I didn’t really know what was

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The blows of County Clare
Jeremy MacClancy

Fear and loving in the west of Ireland 157 national seed bank. Today it has twenty staff, running an educational facility, shop, and cafe.16 One incomer couple bought the former workhouse in Gort and turned it into a school of homeopathy. One blow set up a company importing ergonomically designed tools. Another set up an ‘alternative energy company’ which successfully produced wind-driven water pumps for several years. Today, in the Ennis street market, one can find blows selling organic vegetables, potting compost, dried flowers, and home-cultivated herbs, for

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Rodney Barker

. The absence of public space is not the same as the absence of any form of collective space. In an unmobilised society, or more precisely a population in which there is no society in the sense of a comprehensive collective identity, there will be social territories, patches of collective, private, space. These are spaces where private activities are carried out – streets, markets, bridges. But unless use is necessary to a particular purpose such as market-stall trading, an elite will claim privileged use whether by the actual exclusion of the majority of the

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