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Inclusive urban energy transformations in spaces of urban inequality
Federico Caprotti, Jon Phillips, Saska Petrova, Stefan Bouzarovski, Stephen Essex, Jiska de Groot, Lucy Baker, Yachika Reddy, and Peta Wolpe

. ( 2014 ). Implementing the South African Free Basic Alternative Energy policy: A dynamic actor interaction . Enschede : University of Twente . Moloney , S. and Horne , R. ( 2015 ). ‘ Low carbon urban transitioning: From local experimentation to urban transformation? ’. Sustainability , 7 ( 3 ): 2437–53 . Naicker , N

in African cities and collaborative futures
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Situating peripheries research in South Africa and Ethiopia
Paula Meth, Alison Todes, Sarah Charlton, Tatenda Mukwedeya, Jennifer Houghton, Tom Goodfellow, Metadel Sileshi Belihu, Zhengli Huang, Divine Mawuli Asafo, Sibongile Buthelezi, and Fikile Masikane

intentions, our collaborative working experiences have served to illustrate just how productive and insightful our research endeavours have been, and our abilities to generate arguments and publications which draw on the points of comparison briefly sketched out above illustrate this achievement. To conclude, we are more convinced than ever that the urban peripheries are a critical site of urban transformation which offers insights into a true diversity of urban change. We are confident that our methodological choices to examine these dynamic peripheries through the lens

in African cities and collaborative futures
Nikolas Rose

Nick Manning on questions of mechanisms (for more details see Manning, 2019). In addition to this, the chapter draws on research supported by the following grants: the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme funding for the Human Brain Project under Grant Agreement No. 720270; ESRC Award ES/L003074/1: A New Sociology for a New Century: Transforming the Relations between Sociology and Neuroscience, through a Study of Mental Life ; ESRC-NSFC Award ES/N010892/1: Urban Transformations in China; and an award for Mental Health, Migration and the

in Urban transformations and public health in the emergent city
David Larsson Heidenblad

League of the Centre (CUF) [now Centre Party Youth]. CUF was involved in urban transformation, rural depopulation, and issues to do with global resources and justice. Its political vision was a decentralized society in which public authorities and technocratic experts had less say. Democracy should be built around strong local communities, and CUF therefore advocated an active regional and localization policy. Like Nature and Youth Sweden, CUF took the global environmental crisis very seriously and warned against blind trust in

in The environmental turn in postwar Sweden
Simon Mabon

manifest in the architecture of the city and the imagery that adorns it, creating norms that are violent towards those not included within such projects. Of course, amid urban transformation and the ensuing repercussions, such moves may, in turn, provoke people to resort to violence, shaped by context-​specific contingent factors.76 Here, not only do we see the 139 Building Beirut 139 emergence of a logic of necropolitics but also the emergence of war machines as groups seek to contest sovereign power. Although Agamben argues that in bare life one has to accept this

in Houses built on sand