grave suspicion that a harper, Jenkin ap Syr David, had been involved in the death of the poet Hugh ap John alias Prydydd, whose corpse had been found under Llanidloes bridge the morning after a Mayday ‘merry-night’. The harper, who seems habitually to have carried a ‘crab-cudgel’, had quarrelled with the poet at the merry-night but, by his own account, had remained with the company until dawn when he went out into the streets and roused some of the townsfolk, one after another, with the serenade Hwntus Up, that is ‘The Hunt Is Up’.35 A number of minstrels were

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this cunning, as he complained that he was unjustly pressed by his adversaries and driven into public, he soon gained the greatest favor for himself, not just among the simple people, who easily believe and freely open their wide-spread, itching ears to every novelty; but also among many grave, learned men, who believing in his words through genuine simplicity, thought that the Monk sought nothing else, other than defense of the truth against the Seekers of indulgences, who (so Luther kept on accusing) appeared more zealous for money than for souls. And so that he

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