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Virtuousness, virtuality and virtuosity in NATO’s representation of the Kosovo campaign

place’ needs, instead, to be understood as the articulation of two distinct, yet related, observations about the nature of organised violence in the new world order. Or, as this term is by now consigned to the dustbin of history, the post-Cold War order ( perhaps best abbreviated as PoCoWO). Both observations are relevant for the critical engagement with ‘war’ beyond the case of the Gulf War. As I

in Mapping European security after Kosovo

some basis for the NATO claim to have been acting in the spirit of the Resolutions and of the UN Charter more generally. The de facto blessing of the UN Secretary-General, although welcome for NATO, had limited value. Kofi Annan’s views were, at best, privately encouraging whilst he publicly upheld the principles of the UN Charter. His public position with regard to Kosovo was confirmed in the widely

in The Kosovo crisis and the evolution of post-Cold War European security
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area. He stated that ‘the sooner negotiations are resumed, the greater the chance the international community will have of finding a political settlement. Russia is prepared to continue working closely with the other members of the Contact Group for the sake of achieving this goal ’ [emphasis added]. 29 From the very beginning of Operation Allied Force , the best opportunity for Russia to avoid

in The Kosovo crisis and the evolution of post-Cold War European security

the ever-loyal support of the UK. Since the US has had the largest resources, routinely used as leverage in negotiations, with the best-informed and best-equipped staff to take care of its national interests, such multilateral arrangements have constantly reflected the vision of the absolute freedom of corporate capitalism, and have also protected the areas vital to the ‘national interest’ of the US

in Mapping European security after Kosovo
Analysing the example of data territorialisation

.e. subnetworks] … [E]‌ven the administrators may not know, a priori, what path traffic will take’ (Hall et al. 2013 : 121). ‘[T]he fastest, technically and economically best route’ is calculated dynamically for every packet (Dittler 2013 : own transl.). This is why they coordinate their movement in a fraction of a second according to changing capacities and availabilities – yet territorial borders are

in Security/ Mobility

selling the island to the US was the best way to ‘part with Cuba without loss of self-respect’. 75 A series of unfortunate events were to bring matters to a head. One concerned a personal letter by Lôme that was published by the New York Journal (the letter had been passed on by the Junta) on 9 February 1898 under the title ‘Worst Insult to the United States in History’. The letter portrayed the President as weak’, ‘on good terms with the jingoes’ and a

in Humanitarian intervention in the long nineteenth century