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Constructing security in historical perspective
Jonathan B. Isacoff

replaced as Labour Party leader by Ehud Barak. Conclusion Theirs ‘was a struggle between hard-liners and soft-liners, security-centredness and diplomacy, intractability and conciliation, and the certainty of war and a chance for peace’ ( Morris, 1993 : 227). While this statement by the founding new historian Benny Morris alludes to the historical competition between David

in Redefining security in the Middle East
Journalism practice, risk and humanitarian communication
Jairo Lugo-Ocando and Gabriel Andrade

power and certainty that articulates in its news narratives and adopt instead a view of ‘shared risk’ in which people embrace equally concerns about a common future, therefore calling into play the principle of average utility. 9 Our thesis is that by doing this, ‘risk’ could be journalistically narrativised as a more rational process in our daily lives rather than just be assumed in terms of

in Global humanitarianism and media culture
New threats, institutional adaptations
James Sperling

wide variety of regime types conjoined to ethnic and religious animosities, and multilateralism remains a relatively alien form of statecraft. As compared to Europe, Eurasia is a highly heterogeneous security space and the prospects for a collective identity are correspondingly low. Moreover, there is neither an effective institutional mechanism for enforcing the convergence of domestic values on a pan-regional basis, nor a certainty that the values underpinning the western system of security governance are either universal or compatible with existing indigeneous

in Limiting institutions?