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Alexis Heraclides and Ada Dialla

imperialist project. 25 Jennifer Pitts mentions only two alternative thinkers in nineteenth-century Britain critical of British imperialism: the linguist Henry Stanley and the polymath Francis Newman (brother of the famous cardinal Newman). 26 But the most widely known liberal critics of the British Empire were Richard Cobden, John Bright and Herbert Spencer. 27 In France, Gaston Jèze and Charles Solomon were critical of colonial rule but they did not

in Humanitarian intervention in the long nineteenth century
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Rodney Barker

of universal essences) not only because its geographical extent has fluctuated, but because it gradually acquired, and then lost, an empire. The pageantry of empire, and particularly the pageantry of Indian empire, was distinct and spectacular. Between the two world wars Edwin Lutyens created splendid architectural images for the British Empire in India long after the imperial crown had ceased to exercise political rule. At the same time, a relationship between government and governed which for most people most of the time had been local and parochial was slowly

in Cultivating political and public identity