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The King’s Speech as melodrama
Nicola Rehling

as sensitive paternity, as a corrective to the traditional model of a repressed, non-emotional patriarch, such as that embodied by George V. 39 In this respect, the film adds to the common construction of the royal family as a typical bourgeois family that was initiated by Queen Victoria 40 and continues in current media representations, including the soap opera coverage of the Windsors as a dysfunctional

in The British monarchy on screen
Elana Wilson Rowe

red and blue that could bring Chinese goods to European and North American markets in the rapidly warming Arctic. These broader representations of the Arctic are well analysed in the literature, with key sources of empirics coming from photography, film, mapping, and broad policy narratives and media representations (Powell and Dodds, 2014; Steinberg et al, 2015). While the broad strokes of how the region can be framed and is represented have been well examined, we still need to know more about how these frames are brought to bear on the political practice of

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Television and the politics of British humanitarianism
Andrew Jones

perspectives, with many scholars focusing on the nexus between media representations of human suffering, international NGOs, donor publics and policymakers. While this literature has advanced our understanding of the dynamics of humanitarian action, it has predominantly focused on the contemporary epoch. There is still much we do not fully understand about how interactions between specific humanitarian actors and media

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Cinema, news media and perception management of the Gaza conflicts
Shohini Chaudhuri

Israel as a besieged nation, surrounded by inexplicably hostile assailants. When the BBC drama The Honourable Woman , another fictional counterpart to these news media representations, aired during the 2014 conflict, its timing was described as ‘serendipity’. 44 In the series, Nessa Stein, an Anglo-Israeli daughter of an Israeli arms-dealer, makes amends for her father’s past by turning the family

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Coreen Anne McGuire

towards a goal that truly brings happiness. More widely, philosopher Havi Carel has discussed more recent studies of objective and subjective well-being that show medical conditions do not generally impact on overall happiness scores. 95 She argues that one of the reasons why there is such a gulf between insider and outsider perspectives of illness is that healthy people weigh the importance of the illness far too heavily based on popular (prejudiced) media representations, a phenomenon known as ‘the focusing illusion’. In addition, she points out that the

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The past, present and future of the English Defence League
Hilary Pilkington

rank-and-file members of the organisation. Moreover, although the social media do play a crucial role in everyday recruitment, bonding and organisation, many members are highly sceptical and often hostile to the medium. Trust and loyalty are valued above anything and those are gained only through face-to-face activities. Finally, the importance of the new media does not mean the old media have lost their significance; media representations of the movement confirm a sense of ‘conspiracy’ between political and cultural elites to silence ‘working class’ or ‘ordinary

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The United States Peace Corps in the early 1960s
Agnieszka Sobocinska

’ – ‘but let no one suggest that they have a soft, easy time on these lonely fronts. In a better hour they may be accorded some of the honors now reserved for the valiants of the battlefields’. 40 The Peace Corps mystique focused on volunteers as agents, with host locations relegated to backdrops and locals portrayed as passive recipients of the Peace Corps’ dynamism. Media representations of the Peace Corps

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