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Monstrous markets – neo-liberalism, populism and the demise of the public university
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Structuring self-made offers and demands
Andreas Maurer and Wolfgang Wessels

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in Fifteen into one?
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Simon Mabon

the global nomos. The sectarianisation of political life Amid the contestation of sovereign power, regimes have sought to ensure their survival by closing off a community against an outside, increasingly done along sect-​based lines. Parallels can be drawn across the region as regimes sought to solidify their support bases by creating existential fears about the other. In such conditions, political life took on a sectarian dimension while also becoming imbued with geopolitical meaning. By framing opposition groups as an existential threat to the very survival of

in Houses built on sand
Arthur B. Gunlicks

and large city Finance and customs Federal railways Postal services (5) Municipal (subcountry) Military draft administration County Zweckverband County County-free cities Public law agreement Figure 3.2 Structure of administration in the Federal Republic of Germany Source: Adapted from Frido Wagener, “Äusserer Aufbau von Staat und Verwaltung,” in Öffentliche Verwaltung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, edited by Klaus König, H. J. von Oertzen, and Frido Wagener (Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 1981), p. 80. Page 86 (3) Regional chap 3 27

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French denaturalisation law on the brink of World War II
Marie Beauchamps

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Martin Joormann

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Security and complex political emergencies instead of development
Gorm Rye Olsen

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Domestic change through European integration
Otmar Höll, Johannes Pollack, and Sonja Puntscher-Riekmann

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